Lenovo P52 screen resolution problem through thunderbolt 3 dock

I just got my P52 with Quadro P1000 GPU hooked up with my new 40AN0230EU docking and 3x 24" monitors.


Two of my monitors is connected through Display Ports, and the last one is connected with HDMI cable in the docking side and DVI in the monitor side of the cable.


My problem is that the two monitors connected trough DP can do up to 1920 x 1200 pixles (which is recommended),

but the last screen (which is identical to the other two) connected through the HDMI "hybrid" cable is only able to do 1920×1080!


When I try to connect the HDMI directly into the computer instead of the docking I am suddenly able to do full resolution on the last screen too (1920 x 1200).


I’m wondering what I can do to fix this?


I’ve also tried to connect my P51 with Quadro M2200 GPU to the same docking, and that computer is able to do 1920×1200 on all the three screens trough the docking without any problems.

LENOVO Y720 Nerve Center issue

Hi everyone.


 I’ve been using my Lenovo laptop since 15th of december and came across this problem a thousand times now. I use my laptop as usual, and from out of nowhere this massage appears. I cannot change the keyboard backlight as the option for it goes away. (You may see it on the picture) I’ve tried to reinstall it and after a couple of reinstall it usually works again.


My question: is there a way to solve this? I didn’t spend a lot of money on a laptop to reinstall Nerve Center almost every weak now. 



Stor center PX12-400r not booting kernel issue

i have i omega px 12 -400 r,  on web console i was getting system set up pop up window assking for setting password .i tried to close the window but it was not responding so i hard boot the NAS after hard booting OS is not Loading and showing kernel error.kindly help us to resolve the issue screen shot of errors enclosed

Is there a way to know if a T or P series machine purchased at the Lenovo Outlet has WWAN antennas?

Hello all, 


First time posting, but I have surfed and lurked a lot.


I am about to purchase a new notebook as I am about to sell my business and start a new adventure.  Typing this from an X201 Tablet that is getting a little long in the tooth.


Since I am, by nature, a bottom feeder, I naturally gravitate toward the Lenovo Outlet to see what is availabe in the Refurb/Scratch and Dent pile.  The problem is that it appears that virtually none of the machines available there come with a WWAN.


Is there a definitive resource I can use to determine if a machine I am considering at the outlet has the capacity for me to add one of the Lenovo WWAN cards?  In other words, will the product number tell me if the machine already has the WWAN antennas installed without having a serial number?


Thank you for your help.

YOGA 710 11ISK Keyboard Number Row Repeating When Pressed

About a month ago I’ve been having a very weird think happen.  I’ve had no spills on my keyboard, but only the numbers key will repeat whenever I press them.  For instance, if I press "1", it will sometimes type only one number, but sometimes nothing, and other times three or four number 1s.  The same thing happens through 1-0.  More, whenever I want to shift+ a number, I have to end up pressing the number keys like 10 times in order to have the symbol come up.  I’ve never encountered this on any other keyboard before.  Again, no spills, no malware, I’ve deleted the driver and reinstalled, etc.  No luck.  Any advice?  Might I just need a new keyboard?

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