Legion Y530 Plugged in always?

Hi! I just bought a Legion Y530 mainly for Adobe Apps and some gaming. Recently I’ve charged the laptop to 100%, removed the charger, went to Power Saver mode, and the battery lasted for an hour or so, then I plugged in again. I was guessing/estimating that with this usage/routine I would charge and discharge my laptop for at least 2-3 times a day. Would this be okay? Or should I always keep my laptop plugged in when using Adobe Apps and Gaming even if it’s fully charged? Thanks a lot!

x3650 M5 / Single Copy Session Limit under Windows 2012


System x3650 M5 / MT: 88718Core CPU x 1 / 16 GB Ram300 GB x 2 Raid1 for OS [C: Drive] / 1.8TB x 8 Disks RAID10 for Data [ 2 partitions / E: & F: drive] OS: Windwos 2012 R2 64bit / Windows Updates Working


When I start 1st copy session, it works fine, but when I start 2nd copy session, 1st copying progress halts and 2nd session continue to copy files , Once 2nd session finishes its copying, then 1st gets auto resume. This is the problem that all copy sessions are not working simultaneously.










lenovo v110-15isk non parte correttamente

Salve a tutti.

Ho un lenovo v110-15isk che al primo avvio mi si ferma sempre sulla schermata “lenovo” senza dare segni di vita, successivamente spegnendolo forzatamente e riaccendendolo nuovamente parte senza nessun errore, ho già eseguito un aggiornamento della bios all’ultima versione ma nulla è cambiato, potete darmi qualche istruzione su come poter risolvere questo problema?


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Hello everyone.

I have a lenovo v110-15isk which at the first start always stops me on the “lenovo” screen without showing any signs of life, then by forcibly turning it off and then turning it back on again without any errors, I have already updated the bios to the latest version but nothing is changed, can you give me some instructions on how to solve this problem?

X1C6 external ultrawide with Thunderbolt constant disconnects


One of my users are experiencing frequent dropouts of video and power when using his Carbon X1 6th gen on a philips 3440 x 1440 ultrawide with thunderbolt, the screen is also capable of delivering power to the machine. 

When we plug in the USB-C 2 things might happen.
1. The built in screen flashes a few times then gives up, only to use the built in screen, no power is being sent to the computer.

2. It works. Screen flashes onces like it windows usualy does when you connect a external monitor and power is being delivered to the computer as well.

But even if it works it will eventualy drop out after a random period of time, might be 5 minuttes later or it might even last for 3-4 hours.

Here are the things ive tried so far.
Update the thunderbolt firmware.
Update the Intel 620 integrated graphics driver.
And i have also flashed the bios with the newest version.
I also tried on several diffrent monitors all the same model and i have also tried with a brand new X1C6 but it shows the exact same behaviour.
New USB-C cable
Reset button(pinhole) under the computer

It also worth mentioning that i tried connecting a X1C5 to the same monitors with the same connector (USB-C) and they work flawlesly.
Is there somthing wrong with the hardware on the X1C6 or is this a driver issue?

The screen is a Philips 349P (349P7FUBEB/00)

Im kind of stuck on what to do now, any sugestions and help is very much appriciated.

Vantage Custom battery charge threshold

Hi Lenovo Community,

I am using Lenovo T450S , I downloaded the Lenovo Vantage Beta version. I am unable to locate "Battery charge threshold". Could you please help us to locate it. 


Appreciate your support. 

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