E 531 Speaker Cover Part Name??

E 531 bottom cover | Front.  Running to the left of the simm card slot. 

There is / was a piece of Tape which covers the speakers.

Approx 10 inches x 3/4 inches. Can’t locate what it is called in the Parts Manual.

Issue:  does it need to be replaced?

What’s a good substitue? Should a porous tape be used?


-wbajr tbc

Lenovo Thinkpad Edge e570 crash during BIOS update



I have a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E570 [205H50043US] with BIOS R0DET97W 1.97, 256 SSD, 1 TB HDD, 16 Gb RAM, Intel Core i7-7500U. Windows 10 PRO 1903 64bit. The computer is working flawlessly and without problems but is out of warranty so I don’t think that Lenovo support will help me.


Today I was checking for updates and there were 3 updates; Intel Management Engine Firmware – 7 [32.64] – V. and Realtek Ethernet Drive V.10.031.0828.2018 installed without problems but when I tried to apply BIOS update – 7 v1.99, the system crashed with the Windows blue screen of death message "Your PC ran into a problem…"


I was doing the updates using the Lenovo Vantage Metro App. Then I proceeded to download the file from Lenovo’s support web site and then tried to install it manually. The installer ran, the command prompt windows was displayed and the process started but then the system crash again with another Windows BSOD.


After rebooting the computer both times, it started normally and is working without problems but I stop trying to update the BIOS again scared to "brick" the laptop. I have updated the BIOS many times in the past and this is the first time that I’m getting this problem.


Any ideas why the system is now crashing and how to apply the BIOS update?





Goodnight the GUI (CMM) shows san switch in yellow, however it works well, has this happened to you?

IdeaPad 100-15IBD Bluetooth Connectivity

Hello all, I have a BT connectivity issue’


I have an OontZ BT speaker…it paired fine…WinTen it says its connected, however I cannot see it in my list of available audio output devices. 


Any help would be appreciated.







Lenovo y530-15ICH-recovery files


Recently my windows files got corrupted i think which led to unstable booting and failure in restoring or resetting the whole pc .

so i downloaded Lenovo USB recover Creator and followed along until the download came to 99% and then Validation failed recovery file LGACMI11A0.IMZ is invalid and now its stuck , then i restarted the download which led to this other problem now its stuck at 68% and not downloading.  Please help

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