Phone only rings twice.

My P2 is ringing just twice before the sound cuts out – I can see on the screen that the incoming call continues but just without the ring tone.


Any suggestions for solving this apart from doing the factory reset??



Legion C530 Crackling Audio

Hi all,


I’ve just purchased a Legion C530 PC and I’m absolutely loving it but when I plugged some headphones in I noticed a faint crackling sound – happening on all pairs of headphones. I’ve already rebuilt the PC  & updated all the drivers. I contacted Lenovo, downloaded their driver but that somehow made the crackling even worst. They want me to rebuild my PC again but that shouldn’t be the case. Any ideas on what migh be causing this?


Much appreciated. 

Lenovo Vantage update 9WZDNCRFJ4MV-E046963F.LENOVOCOMPANION breaks functionality

I got this update this morning and now the Lenovo Vantage app opens saying ‘please wait while we configure lenovo vantage for your device’ followed by a spinning circle that never goes away. Rebooting doesn’t change the behavior.



Accecibility over other apps

Why accessibility of antivirus app i.e. kaspersky or Norton etc automatically turns off in lenovo k8 plus repateadly need to turn it on to scan websites please fix the issue in lenovo ki plus .

Legion C530 Case Lighting

Hi all,


I’ve just purchased a Legion C530 PC and I’m absolutely loving it and I noticed in Lenovo Vantage that the case lighting can be set to flashing / off / breathing… but non of these options appear to be working. I have tried rebuilding the PC but it didn’t seem to work & Lenovo insist I build it again. Any suggestions or drivers I could use to fix this?


Much appreciated. 

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