Lenovo Vantage (Please read post before telling me to go elsewhere)

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So I have lenovo vantage installed on my Y740 and it never saves my hotkey preferences. Every SINGLE day i have to change it back. Even the menu you bring up with f2 when the computer starts doesnt save it. How can i make it save my preferences to make my life easier?

Lenovo G475 CMOS Battery

Dear all,

Anyone can confirm whether this model use rechargeable or non-rechargeable CMOS battery? Currently its using CR2032 which I believe is not the original battery. 




Windows modules installer worker stopped working

I have been getting a frequent (several times a day) error message in Reliability Monitor to the effect that Windows Modules Installer Worker has stopped working.  (This is Tiworker.exe).  The only info I have found on the web is about its eating tons of CPU and such, nothiing about its stopped working. Does anyone know anything about this.?  I have tried normal recovery options  such as chkdsk, sfc scannow, DISM and even system restore, and all fail.  Thanks for any advise!

Request For Lenovo To Update Bios On L340-15IRH To Support Intel UHD 630 HDMI Output

The recently released Ideapad L340-15IRH, is an amazing laptop with one major flaw whenever outputting to HDMI it uses the 1650 GPU which uses far more power, and thus battery life and creating significant fan noise just to do simple things like browse the web or play a film. On many other and similar Lenovo laptop’s the HDMI only outputs through the Intel GPU and you’re given the option to choose whether or not you want an app to use the dedicated graphics card or not. This should not be an issue on modern laptops and I hope for a BIOS update or some kind of update solving this as soon as possible.

Yoga C930 Won't Let Me Change Power Profile

As the title says, the PC won’t let me use anything other than the "Balanced" Profile.  I used the registry override to unlock battery saver and high performance, but then the PC will lock  (power indicator on solid light, black screen, won’t wake up) up after being put in sleep mode and I have to do a hard reboot to get it working again.  When I relock the power settings so that only Balanced is available, the problem goes away.  Furthermore, when I try to undervolt in XTU the settings reset themselves and I get a settings unsupported message.  I suspect this is due to rigorous control of the Yoga C930’s thermals as it does get a bit warm, but through undervolting I can easily maintain the boost clock on high performance with better thermals than defualt in some cases.

I guess my question is, is there a specific app that is causing the computer to lock up when the power options are unlocked in the registry or a work around?  If not it needs a BIOS update.  I’ve never had this happen before.

Yoga C930 
256 GB SSD

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