Accidentally created two Lenovo accounts, can't log into the one with no Lenovo ID

I accidientally created two accounts on the Lenovo Forums. Account 1, as far as I know, has no Lenovo ID associated with it. The primary email for Account 1 is set to my email address Account 2 has a Lenovo ID of Account 2 won’t let me set my primary email to, […]

Ideapad L340 Gaming poor performance.

After recently purchasing the L340-17IRH Gaming laptop. I’ve noticed issues with the gtx 1650 gpu throttling at 59-60 degrees celsius, which is causing a significant drop in performance. I’ve checked to see if it was a thermal throttling issue but it does not appear to be. Checked the cpu also and its running roughly in […]

BIOS Error 0199 – Security pasword retry count exceeded (not yet) on T460

I have a T460 and I’m trying to remember the supervisor password. I have this option enabled in the BIOS and I know that if I input the wrong password 3 consecutive times the computer gets blocked and can’t be used until the correct password Is entered. The question Is: if I input the wrong […]

ThinkPad USB 3.0 Secure Hard Drive power.

Will I get the same maximum, reliable performance from my ThinkPad USB 3.0 Secure Hard Drive by connecting it to a single USB 3 port as connecting it to two USB 3 ports via the USB 3.0 Y cable?  This is to say – Is it necessary to use the USB Y cable to connect my […]

DP daisy chain "p24h-10" to "p27u-10"

I have Dell Precision Tower 5810 machine with Windows 10 Feature Update 1903.   I have connected p24h-10 to machine using DP cable. DP out from p24h-10 is connected to p27u-10. Display is mirrored to p27u-10. Moment I enable daisy chaining in p24h-10 menu, p27u-10 goes blank. Windows detects both monitors but shows p27u-10 as disconnected. […]