NEED ANTENNA FOR M910Q CAN’T FIND THE PART NUMBER ANYWHERE.  I ALREADY BOUGHT THE CARD WHICH IS 8265NGW.  NEED THE ANTENA AND THE CABLES THAT GOES FROM CARD TO ANTENNA. T490 WQHDR vs Carbon X1 6G WQHDR I am considering both these models as it’s not making financial sense to replace my T440s’ keyboard I […]

Videos (youtube) auto resume after pause on X1 Carbon

I have the 6th gen X1 Carbon. Recently, mostly when I’m watching youtube (ON EARPHONES), and I pause the video, the video will auto resume after a few seconds. This happens with different earbuds and different browsers so I figure it’s something to do with some configuration on the notebook. Does this only happen to […]

SSD wipe and cryptographic key removal utility is corrupt on website

I need to remove the cryptographic key and wipe the SSD drive that was in my Thinkpad X1.  I found the utility to do it on Lenovo’s website here:     Unfortunately, the ISO file appears corrupt, even though its checksum matches.  When you mount the ISO image it shows up empty.  If you try […]

Ideapad battery stucks at 100% for long time

Hello, A frustrating issue has been bothering me since past few weeks. My Ideapad 530s-14IKB laptop (still in warranty) has been reporting wrong battery percentage during this time. The battery indicator stays stuck at 100% for a couple of hours and then starts degrading fast, shutting down the machine at 35% remaining battery percentage. The […]

can I add/upgrade memory?

re:  ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook – 20GE0002US          (came loaded with 16gb eMMC flash memory) want to ‘advance’ capability from grade school though middle school at least   **  same question for newer C330’s  –  81HY0000US       (bought above for eldest grandchild; shopping now for next two grandkids) Lenevo (Flex 5-1470 […]

Will the FWNV32 SSD Firmware Update be available in Update Retriever?

I see there was a critical NVMe SSD firmware update for a number of ThinkPad models released on July 11:   I’m not seeing this update in Update Retriever. Will it be released there at some point, or do I need to deploy this manually? Broken RAM module wrecking motherboards? I am trying to put […]

Sparking from charge cable now battery won't charge

My Yoga 2 will no longer charge after I saw green and blue sparks from a crack in the charging cable. I have tried two replacement cables and therefore think there must be an internal problem. Is this fixable? I need it to run my business. Thank you. Default Boot Device Missing or boot failed […]

Yoga Flex 6-14IKB New screen..Now having issues with pen/touchscreen

So, my screen cracked and i sent my laptop to squaretrade, who fixed it. I just got it back and was hoping to draw, but my pen wont work on my screen. I downloaded the most recent driver i could find and restarted my laptop and still, no progress. Restarting wacom services also doesnt do […]

SOLVED (for now): IdeaPad FLEX14IWL – All of a sudden won't connect to 5g wifi, only 2.4

Update: A reset of the Network adapter in the BIOS (Disable, then Enable) seems to have fixed the problem.   Greetings,   Laptop was perfectly fine on Friday. It was off during the weekend. I turned it on Monday morning and it won’t connect to 5G wifi. Or to be more accurate – it will connect […]

accessory monitor HDMI not turning off automatically – X1 6th gen

When the computer goes to sleep, the monitor just loses the connection but stays on.  Attached w/ HDMI.  This only happens with this laptop; it works fine with my old ThinkPad Yoga. Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen 2 (40AN) Firmware Download Hello, Where can the dock firmware be downloaded for the Thunderbolt 3 Gen 2 docking […]