Yoga 730-15IKB – Touch screen working only for pen (not working for fingers)



From recent Windows update I get this issue. Not sure if it’s connected to Windows update or not, but the touch screen is not working anymore when touching with fingers! I’m on latest Windows update OS Build OS 17763.529 (


It’s working fine with Lenovo Active Pen 2. 


Tried everything on the Internet that I could find and nothing helped. There are also similar issues with 720 model (


Anyone with similar situation on 730? What can I do?

Official Complaint- Terrible Services

To someone at Lenovo who hopefully cares,


I purchased a Lenovo Yoga book Tablet not more than 6 months ago. The operating system (Android) of the same got corrupted and I have been trying to get it fixed for more than a month now.


Following are the details of the ordeal i have had to go through:

After Updating the Warranty details of my Lenovo Yoga Book Tablet (IMEI: 86************), I was told to get the same deposited to the nearest service station. I got the same deposited on May 11th & was told it should be done within a day or two.
Coming from a technical background i know it doesnt require more than a day to install Operating System into any device.

However i was told to wait another 3,4 days because the technical support at the centre was not available or busy with other things (they were pretty vague about it). After a week I got a call telling me that the same tablet would probably have to be sent back to the Lenovo headquarters and would be replaced since they were not able to get it fixed. I was patient enought and waited another week for the same.

Last week i again had a talk with the Customer support as well as the Service station, this time the story was that they are awaiting on a replacement part for the same and had no idea how much longer it would take for the same.
In short they have been stalling me for about 15 days now without any clear communication and updates what so ever.

Today i had the pleasure of again talking to the customer support and this time the story was that the technical support at the service station had quit and thus the new guy was under training and would take another week for them to INSTALL OPERATING SYSTEM in it which has gone corrupt. 

My simple question is how long does it really take for the task of simply re-installing operating system into a tablet. And would you call it anything short of incompetence for not eing able to do so for more than two weeks now.
I really did not expect such terrible services from a comapny as reputed as Lenovo and am really hesitant on ever buying another Lenovo product ever again.


Is there anyone at Lenovo to whom I can express my frustration who cares about the customer experience?


Admin note: imei number edited to avoid possible abuse

Lenovo T460 internal battery woth it?

Hi, so the past week I’ve searching for a internal/backup battery for my lenovo T460. I finally found one but they’re expensive where I’m from. My current rear battery doesnt last long about 2-3 hours without power saving and around 4-5 with powersaving and light web browaing. Is it worth it to get the secondary internal battery or should I buy a new rear battery, and how many hours extra will the internal battery add?




Lenovo K8 note external ethernet

Does Lenovo K8 note support otg external ehternet?

Slow WiFi speed in an E485 with Intel 9260ac


So I have replaced my WiFi with an Intel 9260ac card.


But my throughput is really bad. Only 20-30MByte/s from a fileserver (connected to the router via gigabit LAN) and the same throughput checked with netio. Iperf3 reports about 200-300Mbit/s throughput. The network connection says 866MBit with full bars and I am just 2m away from my router. My wife gets around 60-70MByte/s with her older Clevo notebook and an Intel 7260 card in the same spot.


Has anybody else these issues or some tips how to increase these values? I am on Windows 10 pro btw and have already doublechecked the antenna connectors. I have tried the driver from Windows update as I have tried the newest drivers from the Intel website.


Theoretically both the 9260 and my router support 160MHz bandwith which should result in 1,73Gbit. But the 9260 is only using 80MHz.

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