No battery detected in Ideapad 330-15ICH


I installed ubuntu 18.04 on Ideapad 330-15ICH, but I can’t find way to check battery status (for example using "acpi -V").


It’s lack of drivers? UEFI configuration?


lenovo k8 plus downgrade

downgrading from oreo to nogut will help in improving pubg performance ?

LEGION T530-28ICB ES 90JL005QIX Upgrades

I’ve recently bought a Lenovo Legion T530-281ICB



GTX 1050Ti 4GB



I was thinking about future upgrades, if I want to change Processor or Graphics should I change the PCU too since it’s only 280W?

And what are the limits on the upgrade side? What are the best processor/graphics supported by this PC? Is the RAM limited to only 2666? 

Basically I’m just wondering how many improvements I can make to this machine over time, If someone could help me figure out It will be fantastic 🙂

Yoga YTX-703X- YOGA 3 PLUS- does not run almost any Android Apps- all show " app did not start?"

A brand new Yoga 3 Plus tablet does not laod Android apps. Apps download OK, but RUN results in " app did not start".


My older Yoga 3 now 3 years old still works perfectly and runs every app I download.


Apps from ABC, Westpac, Roland simply fail to run.


About to send this back to Lenovo for a refund- waste of space.

No high letters possible


I own a N200 I use with manjaro.

For whatever reason, I cannot use high letters neither backspace on my keyboard.

I can use main keyboard figures (shift+figure)

I can use main keyboard small letters

But I cannot use shift+small letters for getting high letters, there is no effect.

It works with a usb keyboard, but I would prefer to use the main keyboard.


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