M920 : Two graphics cards in system

If I purchase an M920 with two graphics cards will the fan or fans run louder?

DVD writing errors on PLDS DVD-RW DA8AESH XL61

This is suppose to be a Liteon DVD burner and doesn’t appear in their listing nor Philps which appears to have taken over Liteon.

 I don’t see any Firmware updates for this. Now 4+ DVD burned with verification and all failed from an ISO file.


I was initially using the Windows 10 Media creation tool to create a current 1809 64bitt ISO DVD. The Windows burner failed on 3 disks in row verifying. I manually did another today with Nero and burned slow at 4.x and it fail as well. The failures were in the later end of the DVD. Most issues are said to be a firmware issue when this occurs.



This is a Z70-80 system with current updates installed. Knowone else I could find is using this DVD which was supplied as a warranty replacement for the original one. PLDS    DVD-RW DA8AESH  XL61 is what I have.

Internet issue

Hi Guys


our company have lenovo i5 systems so we are getting internet loading issue (we are having good speed of internet) so every thing we tried finally we have formated system it is workable but how it is possible to format every system in every floor we having 50 system which are getting issue. so please can anyone suggest me what to do 



system configration

windows 10 64 bit

chrome browser

i5 7th gen

8gb Ram


Error code, need help

Hey, people.

I got an error code and I need some help knowing how to fix it… If anyone has gotten this error code before, do you know how to fix it?

The error code is: WPE001001-WO7YRI

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard, Certain keys not working

I had this laptop for around 6 years, and lately my keys have been failing to work properly, particularly 7-0 on the num strip, 0, 6, and 2 on the num pad, and the letter R. I tried hard resetting, taking the battery out, and updating my software and drivers, but it’s seems like it’s a hardware issue. What are the proper steps to take with this now, I’m sort of new to this whole thing.


Laptop Model

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