Lenovo Yoga YT3-X50F does not charge


I have a problem with a YT3-X50F the battery does not charge. I changed the battery with a new one and as usual it came half charged. I was able to start the tablet but the battery was still not charging and a couple of days later the new battery was empty of charge. The power plug was detected, i could read the tablet on a pc as long as the battery had power in it.  I thought then it could be the USB connector so I bought a new one but still the same. If someone in here has a clue for my problem I would really be grateful.

Can Legion Y730 run Linux ?

Tried to install Manjaro 18 and Deepin 15.9. But it stucks on loading screen after succesful installation.
So the question is – can Y730 run Linux? If the answer is yes, what should i do to install it?

M920Q SCCM OSD bitlocker failed with error 0x80004005

I know here has a same one but I don’t see the solution. Who knows how to fix this to get bitloker working?

T480 works (470 460 all work)  but not for m920q, secure boot enabled, UEFI, what else needed?


Data problems on Lenovo Z5 after android upgrade

Yesterday, I upgraded my Lenovo Z5 to the ZUI version 10.5.248 ST (Andriod version 9) Since then I cannot get data through the SIM card. I have changed the APN settings to the correct GiffGaff ones (my service provider). I have saved them and selected them properly – data is switched on. Correcy SIM is selected. It is very frustrating. Can anyone help please? Thankyou for reading.

T480 SCCM Driver Pack and Blank Screen during MDT Litetouch

I’ve injected the SCCM driver pack for T480,  specifically the 1809, Package 3, Rev 1 Isseed on 03-26-2019.


Boot to start LiteTouch, I select my task sequence, the applications I want and then away it goes doing its installs, etc.   After a restart for the first time after all the WinPE items are done, the screen goes blank (black), I can move the cursor around the screen and see the cursor, but it shows nothing on the screen.


If I start the whole process over it might work the second time.  It I force shutdown and start back up it continues with all the "Just a moment" and "this might take several minutes" Windows setup.  Usually when this happened in the past is was a video driver.  But I’m uncertain at this point, and wanted to find out if this is something that is known about and if there might be a way to stop this from happening.




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