In order to fix this you must firtst update the following drivers manualy in this order.

First load device manager thus

Hold down windows key and press :r: key.

enter devmgmt.msc click OK.


show hidden devices each time you load Device Manager.


Update the following drivers. by right clicking on them and selecting update driver then search automatically.



update the following drivers under system in the same manner, restarting after each.


You will now have a new device listed under Sound devices by running mmsys.cpl called Intel(R) Display Audio.



All done HDMI audio should work.

R500 Black Screen but cursor visible on secondary monitor



Has been working fine but screen started flickering – when I went to use it the next day, screen was black.  I plugged in the secondary monitor and it was black with the exception that the cursor displayed and moved correctly on a totally black background.  Rebooted and very faintly you can see thinkpad logo at boot, then completely black.  


Secondary monitor gets signal and displays cursor, but no desktop, icons, just black on both monitors (laptop monitor does not display cursor)….   any ideas?




Chrombook 300e 2nd gen pencil touch support

Hi, I just bought a Chromebook 300e 2nd gen, but it doesn’t allow me to use a regular #2 pencil as a stylus. Support told me that it doesn’t work on this machine, and wasn’t able to tell me which machines do support a pencil, despite all the advertising I’ve seen saying that you can use a pencil on the 300e.


Has anyone else got one of these and what has your experience been? Have you been able to use a regular #2 pencil or an other kind of stylus?



X1 Carbon 6th gen automatic screen timeout and sleep does not work

I have my Windows 10 settings set so that the screen turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity and sleep after 10 minutes on battery and 30 minutes when plugged in.  However, none of these things happen and the screen stays on no matter how long I’m away from my PC.  How do I figure out what’s keeping my PC awake and how do I fix it?  Thanks in advance.

very low volume and audio stuttering in whatsapp video call

When i make a whatsapp video call, i couldn’t hear the person talking from the other end. The audio is stuttering and the volume is very low.

Even if i connect it to a bluetooth speaker the audio stutters and the volume is still low.


My internet connection is fairy decent at 100mbps . If i test with my other phone Poco f1, the problem does not come. Only with this phone the audio is very poor.


I formatted the phone but still the problem is not solved. The person on the other end is using Iphone 7 and my Lenovo k8 plus is running Android nougat 7.1 (i did not upgrade to oreo due to bugs) . I even did a speedtest with the same phone and i was able to get 80-90mbps easily.


Is this issue due to the processor bottleneck ?


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