Can I use a certain type of external GPU on my Lenovo Laptop?

I have the Lenovo Legion Y720. I was looking to maybe get an external GPU using the Thunderbolt 3 plugin, to help get better graphics and speed on my laptop. Do I need to use a Lenovo brand external GPU box for my laptop? Or can it be other brands? 


If it doesn’t have to be a Lenovo brand one, could I use this GPU box?



Yoga 530 – 141KB wont detect external monitor attached via HDMI port

Have read others with similar problems and different types/models of Yoga laptop and none the wiser.


Also finding the screen attached to my laptop very diffficult to read . Often text is truncated and I have to adjust zoom to 50% to see whole window. External monitor will also solve this problem.


Have downloaded new drivers but discovered they’re for different Yoga models so unsurprisingly they don’t work. 

Any suggestions gratefullly accepted. 

Upgraded Factory SSD with Samsung 860 EVO SATA M.2 1TB Boot Failure

Hi I have a Lenovo Thinkpad P51 Partnumber: 20HH000TUS. The unit comes factory with a 512 SSD: MZ-VKW5120. I Imaged the Factory SSD with Macrium, Then Restored that image to the Samsung 860 EVO SATA M.2 1TB. Installed this SSD in place of the factory SSD. The Windows 10 boot process fails on the spinning logo and reboots. It does this a number of times before giving up and the Windows 10 Restore Dialog pops up. I attempt to fix boot problems using Windows 10 but that did not work.


So I moved the Samsung 860 EVO SATA M.2 1TB over to my desktop and it appears to boot fine. I checked to see if there was a bios update that might address this issue but did not find anything related to this issue except this entry:

– (Fix) Fixed hang-up issue where system sets Power-on and Hard Disk Password in NVMe

My P51 has a BIOS version: N1UET41W (1.15 ).

I was thinking of upgrading the BIOS but I just wanted to check with anyone else to see if they have had a simmilar issue or has any suggestions before I update the BIOS. Im concerned that its not going to fix the problem and I do not want to waste time updating the BIOS if this isnt going to work. This unit is heavley used and can not spare any down time unless I have no choice.


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wi-fi drains the battery, but it's disabled

options->battery saving.
Found a line with information that wifi ate 18% of the battery. At the same time wifi is turned off in the settings.

What could it be?

P40 Yoga won't recognize new pen

I’ve had my P40 Yoga for a few years and the built in pen worked until a few weeks ago. I purchased a replacement from the Lenovo website (Part Number 4X80K32537), but it is not working. My computer does not recognize the new pen. It still recognizes the old one (it has about 20 seconds worth of charge).


Does anyone know how to make my computer recognize the replacement pen? Thank you.



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