BitLocker – Too Many Attempts



I have a Lenovo Thinkpad e570 having Windows 8.1 Professional joined with Active Directory Domain.


It was working fine from past 1 year with same PIN


I also have configured BITLOCKER on Start up so by entering PIN i am able to start my Windows


From Past two days when i enter PIN it generates an error "TOO MANAY PIN ENTRY ATTEMPTS" There is a limit on the number of attempts allowed.


unfortunately i do not have recovery key not on AD computer Object and Text File.


However i have performed following steps.


Forcefully Press Power Button and Shut laptop for some time.

Remove Battery and Shutdown Power Button


Is there any solution to by unlock.


Relevant files are attached.

Does the M.2 SSD port on thinkpad X280 support both SATA and pice-NVMe



I am planing to buy a thinkpad X280 with the cheapest storage selection, and then upgrade SSD myself.

The cheapest storage option for X280 is 128GB SSD SATA.

Will I be able to upgrade SSD by simply replacing it with a larger and faster SSD? For example 1TB SSD PCIe-NVME?


In my understanding that M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe-NVME are different:

M.2 SATA connects to SATA bus and using AHCI standard.

M.2 PCIe-NVME connects to PICe bus and using NVME standard. This can get much faster speed than M.2 SATA SSD.


So, it seems that if I buy X280 with 128GB SSD SATA selection, I may not be able to upgrade it to any PCIe-NVME SSD.

Please, can someone confirm this?




Unable to boot my Yoga 520 from M.2 NVMe it always boots from HHD

Dear All,


I recently installed Samsung M.2 NVMe on my Lenovo Yoga 520 and successfully migrated the C Drive into the M.2 Drive, after that i changed the LEgacy setting to boot the system from M.2, but my system always boots from the regular drive only, i here with attached the BIOS setting also, please help me in getting the system to boot from M.2 and not the HHD.








Installing M.2 NVMe drive in P52

Hello, everyone:

  I am new to posting here. I purchased a new P52 just over a month ago as a mostly base unit with thoughts of upgrading myself after I received it. This was only due to the very high costs Lenovo charges to upgrade memory and drives. I upgraded the memory with Crucial already and it looks to be working fine.

  I want to install a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 NVMe drive to use as my main drive instead of the included 500GB HDD. I am thinking of removing the included 500GB HDD after I get the Samsung 970 EVO installed and working.

  I had a few questions about doing this properly and exhausted all options with Lenovo. They have no one that can talk to me about it and answer my questions. Nor do they have any way to contact the person with the knowledge to answer the questions by email. So far my experience with Lenovo customer service has been very bad. I have talked to different Lenovo departments and people trying to get my answers. They are no help at all. So, I have come here to see if someone can give me some answers.

  First of all let me say that I only know enough to sometimes get by with computers.

  1-There is a type of thick gray tape where the M.2 drives go. The tape is soft and thick with a thin film over the top of it. The thin film can be removed if you are careful and pull it up from the gray cushioned tape and it kind of looks like a thinner type of the mylar flap that you have to hold up to gain access to the slot. I am not sure what the thick gray tape is there for. Does anyone know if it is for just cushioning or is it some type of heat sink? Another question is if I am to remove the top layer of thin tape off of it before I install the M.2 NVMe drive?  Lenovo could not answer these questions, even though they built the machine. They don’t address this in the P52 User Guide nor in the videos they show changing out the drive.

  2-What would be the best way to transfer everything over from the OEM HDD to the new M.2 drive after I get it installed? Samsung has some software I can use, but I want to use whatever is best. I want to be sure everything moves over and I don’t lose anything.

Thanks for any help you can give me.



If I take SSD installed with Win 10 from T470 & put in T530 will the T530 work?



My T530 will not boot properly. I think that there is some software glitch on my T530 hard drive stopping it booting. It was installed with Windows 10. I tried all the blue screen functions including refresh whilst maintaining files. None worked.

I also have a T470 with Windows 10 installed.

I would like to download the files from the T530 hard drive before reinstalling Windows 10. I do not have an external hard drive caddy and would rather not have the expense of buying one – otherwise I would just put the drive in that and copy the files.

I would like to put the SSD hard drive from the T470 into the main bay of the T530 to see whether it all works ok and if so to put the the old hard drive from the T530 in a caddy in the ultrabay to get the files off it, before then reinstalling it using a system image on a portable hard drive. 

Will this scheme work? Can I take the hard drive from the T470 and put it in the T530 and expect the T530 to function? Can I do any damage thereby?


Thanks for your help





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