I have the 6th gen X1 Carbon. Recently, mostly when I’m watching youtube (ON EARPHONES), and I pause the video, the video will auto resume after a few seconds. This happens with different earbuds and different browsers so I figure it’s something to do with some configuration on the notebook. Does this only happen to me or does someone else have the same problem? Is there even a fix to this?

Yoga 14 won't detect active pen but can use builtin stylus

As said in the title, my Lenovo active pen doesn’t work but my stylus does. 


I’m sure both use the same driver so it must be my pen? Maybe the battery is not in contact.. any ideas?

Android q Lenovo watch

My phone got upgraded to Android q beta but the watch app is not compatible is there a update coming soon

Delete key not working

I have Yoga 910. Check drivers, no updates found…this has happened before a couple months ago but it fixed with a restart. But now it is permanent it seems, no matter how many times I restart it I cannot get it to work. It doesn’t matter the program, Chrome, Word, anything

M710 SFF CPU upgrade



I have an M710S with a Core i3-7100. Is it possible to upgrade to a Core i5-7600? My Power Supply info is: SFF B250 210W 85%. I have added memory, a SAMSUNG SSD and a GIGABYTE GeForce GT 1030 but have never changed a processor before on any machine. Thank you very much for any advice.



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