SSD wipe and cryptographic key removal utility is corrupt on website

I need to remove the cryptographic key and wipe the SSD drive that was in my Thinkpad X1.  I found the utility to do it on Lenovo’s website here:  


Unfortunately, the ISO file appears corrupt, even though its checksum matches.  When you mount the ISO image it shows up empty.  If you try and make a bootable USB drive with it, it doesn’t work and the utilities (rufus and others) complain that the file is corrupt.   If you open the file in 7zip it only has one 5kb file in it.


Can someone please provide me a link to a working copy of this utility and can Lenovo please fix the website?

T430 shuts down after exactly 30 minutes

My 5-year-old Thinkpad T430 suddenly shut down this Monday. Then I pressed the power button several times, but power light only kept on for 2 seconds with fan spinning then powered-off each time. I think it’s the problem of battery. I removed the battery and plugged AC power, but T430 still turned on for 2 seconds then powered-off. After a few minutes, it turned on normally. But after 30 minutes in Windows 10, it powered-off without any notification.


I think it must be the problem of the motherboard. I pulled out all hard drive, SSD and external devices. Then pressed F12 to enter Lenovo Diagnostics. I used a stopwatch to check if my laptop will power-off after 30 mins. I tried 3 times, the answer is yes, it will power-off after exactly 30 minutes.

I wanted to enter BIOS, but when I pressed F1, the screen just turned black. I pressed F12 to enter Lenovo Diagnostics again and ran every test. The results of the tests didn’t show any problem. Then I disassembled my T430, cleaned and changed the thermal paste on CPU, GPU, and fan. Then monitored temperature using HWMonitor and SpeedFan. I found out it will power-off after 30 minutes no mater at high or low temperature.


On Tuesday, I continued to work on it. When I pressed the power button, my T430 powered-off after 2 seconds again. So I reset EC ( Embedded Controller ) and no more this problem happened on Wednesday. But BIOS still can’t enter and it will power-off after 30 mins. The version of my T430 BIOS is the latest v2.79, I updated to this BIOS in February. I tried some methods such as turning off fast startup and hybrid shut down, or UEFI Firmware Settings, none of these worked.

I searched online and found that there were laptops with the same problem as mine. Some of them just changed motherboard then this problem solved. If I have time, I will try to change a new motherboard for my T430. But I just bought a T480 on Wednesday.

The temporary solution for "30 mins shut down problem" is very interesting.

Just sleep before 30 mins then wake up, there will be another 30 mins limit, then sleep before another 30 mins then wake up……


Is this BIOS bug, BIOS virus, or failure of the motherboard?

If you know the reason for these problems, please tell me.


I’m not a native English speaker. Please forgive me if there are some grammar mistakes.

Thank you!

How do you contact Lenovo about a broken product??!!

Hi. Does anyone know how to contact these guys about a tablet 7 essential that I bought less than 2 months ago, used only 3 times, charged only once, and the charging port is broken already? I know it’s a cheaper tablet, but not what I would expect from them. I have searched the entire sight for a way to contact them. I don’t want to call. There is no option to email them. I get a message saying that live chat is not available for my product. I’m at a loss. It shouldn’t be this hard to get a hold of them. Thanks for any help in advance!

Unable to enter into sleep mode.

When i put my lenovo Y700 151SK   to sleep it will immediately wake up after a few seconds (windows hello login method with realsense camera activated), why is this?

Lenovo Laptop Y7000 occasionally has blank blue screen

Owned Y7000 since December. Occasionally, I’ve noticed it has a blank blue screen upon waking. See picture below (pay no attention to the improvised webcam cover….)


When this occurs I have to hold down the power button to turn it off and then turn it back on. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to get rid of the blue screen and have it boot normally to the LENOVO screen.


Updated everything (BIOS, drivers etc.) yet the problem persists.


I wonder if it has to do with it being plugged into an external monitor via HDMI cable. A user had a simliar issue here.


Appreciate any help with this.

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