Volume randomly going to max on Lenovo Smart Display 8"

I recently (within the past month) purchased a Lenovo Smart Display 8" and for the most part I really like it.


However, it sporatically goes to maximum volume regardless of the application running – while it is displaying Flickr pictures most of the time so that is where most of the issues occur (& since no audio associated with it when it goes to max volume there is an annoying high pitched clicking/static), but it has occasionally doen it when a YouTube video is playing (so the YouTube audio is at max).


If I use the ‘Home’ app to turn down the volume it almost immediately returns to max volume … if I use the volume buttons on the unit to turn down the volume but leave the onscreen volume dispaly open it also almost immediately returns to max volume … I have to both use the buttons to lower the volume & then touch somewhere on the display so that the volume menu ‘goes away’ for it to stay at the reset volume level.


Note – this occurs randomly & not necessarily daily & on 1 occasion it occured during the night which work us up.


As I indicated above, for the most part I really like it … but my wife hates having it & this issue is just another reason why she doesn’t want it – and of additional note, because of my wife’s concern the mic is always muted & the camera shutter is covering the camera


Any assistance/advice will be greatly appreciated.





Difference between the Yoga and the Miix series

Could anyone explain the difference between the Yoga and Miix series? I’ve seen that both can double as both a laptop and drawing tablet, also for example a Yoga 720 and a Miix 720 share very similar specs, what’s the difference?

Can't set multiple audio output devices (Realtek HD Audio Manager)

Hello everyone!


I have Lenovo Legion Y520 (15IKBM) with Windows 10, installed Realtek HD Audio Manager and a Headset with a 3.5 mm connection. I want to set it so that I can hear the same (or different) audio through both the laptop speakers and my headset. The problem is that Realtek Audio Manager only has 1 output device. Keep in mind that the headset works fine when plugged in, but despite having or not having the headset plugged in, I only have the speakers output device (and yes, I have both show hidden and disconnected devices turned on):


Now I’ve spent hours searching for a solution online but nothing worked. The main problem is that my Realtek Audio Manager interface does not have advanced settings in the upper right corner and clicking on the yellow folder icon only yields this:



So to recap, I’ve tried the following:

– Selecting Speakers and Headset as my output devices (it’s not showing up, check 1st screenshot)

– Disabling front panel jack detection (I do not have access to it throught my Realtek Audio UI)

– Uninstalling Realtek Audio (Tried and failed, seems like Windows really does not want me to get rid of it)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

thinkpad P50 WWAN connection won't detect SIM Card


I own a Thinkpad P50 and I found it has a SIM slot under the battery, when i put my SIM card inside it will not detect any connection eccept for WiFi connections. 

I read online that it had to be enabled in the BIOS and i checked, it was already enabled.

Also I downloaded the WWAN Sierra Wireless Driver from the lenovo website and installed it, and nothing!

I then checked in device manager to see if the driver was there, and all I saw was the Sierra Driver under "Sensors" (no idea why it wouldn’t be under the "Network" tab but ok…) 

I saw in a different form that this issue could be fixed by downloading a Sierra OCT tool but I got an error message saying that the modem couldn’t be detected.

also I checked windows System Information and when i clicked on modem there were no informations for the modem.

I’m completely lost, I don’t know what else to try….

can anybody help?

Yoga 510 touchpad two finger scrolling not working

 I’m sure I used to have two finger scrolling working on touchpad but my machine went for a warranty repair and it now doesn’t work. If I open settings it shows the following sequence of images:


 If I click additional settings

 If I click settings

 If I click multi finger

The options I need are greyed out. My drivers and BIOS are up to date, and I’m an administrator. Does anyone have suggestions for what I could try?

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