Thinkpad Ultra Dock docking station – Compatible with T490(s)/T590(s) ?



I have searched on Lenovo’s pages and cannot find any documentation that confirms that "Thinkpad Ultra Dock" docking station (in my case 40AJ0135EU) is compatible with the latests T490(s)/T590(s) series.


Does anyone know?



Kind regards

Lenovo Legion Y530 WI-FI bad performance on battery

I just bought the Lenovo legion Y530, and I’m having some serious issues with the WI-FI card, when the laptop is plugged in, the connexion is not interrupted, however, as soon as I unplug it , I start getting really bad performance on the card , internet connection will become limited for some time , then goes back to normal, and so on and so forth …

I was thinking about changing the card to Intel 9560, but that model is not available in my country, and I thought that since the card is working fine when the laptop is plugged in, then maybe it’s a configuration problem or just a bug in the driver.

Please note that I changed the driver to Microsoft instead of Realtek but that still didn’t fix the problem, I also upgraded the BIOS to 8JCN50WW and updated all the drivers via Lenovo vantage but the problem still persists, please help me figure out what’s wrong. Thank you.

few keys on my keyboard doesn't work on my Thinkpad P70

few keys on my keyboard doesn’t work on my Thinkpad P70, i’ve updated all the drivers and latest updates still the same issue, laptop is used very gently. any sugesstions ?

0x80070643 error

why I got 0x80070643 error when installing Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems (KB4041994) ?

IP 110-15ast battery

I bought this laptop in august 2017 -1 year 9month old- and battery loses so much capacity. I always plugged in this laptop while in use with conservation mode is actived. This laptop has poor quality of battery, manufactured by water pumper manufacturer

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