Lenovo P2 fingerprint not available



The fingerprint scanner stopped working without any reason. I checked the settings and the option doesn’t exist anymore. I did a factory reset on my phone, an update and the option is still not present in the settings. 

There are other users on the forum complaining of the same issue and you have sent them all to services. Well I would like to have an update to fix the bug, not backup everything, run to the service and stay without phone for days/weeks then restore everything every time this happens.


DO NOT close the ticket by referring me to a service. It shall remain open forever or until you can give me a DIY solution.


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Yoga 500-14ACL broadcom 14e4:43ae against linux installation

Yoga 500-14ACL broadcom 14e4:43ae against linux installation


I’m getting mad, wifi cannot run with ubuntu because there isn’t any linux driver with the broadcom pci wifi 14e4:43ae

the double install EFI win10 & ubuntu 16.4 is ok, but not the wifi…

I search a lot and i read that the problem is not new, on the web it’s running since more than 2 years !

I’ve read all the forum (french and english) and i think there’s something wrong in the way business-people think about customers…

Lenovo use a wifi card only open to windows in the yoga 500 ACL.

Lenovo knows about that since a long time and let it down.

Why lenovo doesn’t ask broadcom to create a good driver for this wifi pci card ?

In fact we buy computers, and we are chained to windows.

I need a solution to be a free consumer, it’s the spirit of anti-trust laws.

thanks to your help.

a french members of the ubuntu’s community

sorry for my bad english.



Lenovo Legion Y720 can't upgrade bios

Hello, i own a Lenovo Legion Y720 15lKB laptop, and when i try to update bios with the system update utility the following error pops-up : mount the efi system partition failed. I’ve tryed to convert my SSD from mbr to gbt but it says that if i do that i won’t be able to boot , because i have windows installed on SSD.

Please help, Thank you.

Lenovo k8 plus Cracked sound from reciever(ear speaker) during calls

During calls i get to hear crackling sound from ear speaker (receiver) during calls,As if the speaker is blown.Today

 i visited lenovo service center at Rohini New Delhi India gave my phone for ear speaker replacement waited for 1.5 hrs.The problem still persists,since January 2018 latest  software update iam facing this problem.

It seems the service center people did not replace the ear speaker,only reinstalled the software and returned my phone back.The phone is still under warranty.

Pathetic service!

Iam disgusted 

Kindly find a solution to my problem

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