Lenovo L380 Yoga: Audio lag issue

Hi all!

I would like to know if any Lenovo L380 users have experienced audio lags? I am really beginning to hate the fact that everytime I listen to Youtube or any other website, I’d have to wait a second or two before I hear the audio.


I hope that someone can help me with this problem.




X1Y3: HDR Screen Brightness is just…OK?

I got the X1Y3 recently, with the HDR WQHD screen.

According to "Machine Info" on pcsupport.lenovo.com, I have a "Monitor: 14.0" WQHD", so it doesn’t mention HDR.

According to parts lookup on the same site, I have the "14QHD500,HD BZL,LBO+AUO,AES2" LCD assambly, which I guess is the 500 NITS panel.


This brings me to the main issue of brightness – I was expecting to be blown away by the 500 NITS brightness…but it just seems like a regular panel and nothing is great/unique/ultra-bright about it, compared to Macbook Air 2015 or Lenovo T440 (2014!) that I own.

Several options I can think of here: 

A) I may not actually have the right panel installed

B) It’s a software setting I need to tweak (turned off night mode, turned off auro-brightness), or a malfunction. 

C) It’s a malfuntion on my 500 nits panel. 

D) It’s advertised as 500nits but it’s not really close to that. Brwosing through these pages I’ve seen tons of questions about the HDR abilities not fully supported by windows/INF/color-profiles, but I don’t know if brightness is also affected by this.


Any help will be apprecited! 

Lenovo l24q 20 distorted display

Hello everyone, thank you for your help in advance. For some reason, my lenovo l24q 20 has a highly distorted image when running at hz and 2560 x 1440. When I change the resolution to 1080p and set it to 50hz, the screen returns to normal. I have tried two different HDMI cords, and tried the monitor with two different computers, yet I get the same issue with the same solution. Can anyone suggest some solution that will allow me to run the monitor at 2560 x 1440? I’ve attached a few pictures of how the monitor looks at 2560 x 1440 for reference. Thanks a lot for your help 🙂

Legion Y520 Wireless LAN packets loss

Hey mighty Lenovo comunity!


I am not sure if someone else have this problem, but for my Laptop
Legion Y520-15IKBM ( with GTX-1060Q) has problem with WLAN. 

WLAN driver sometimes gets currupted (or somthing else), that i get about 15% loss by pinging my router,

However, it is easy to fix by reinstalling driver, but still it is anoying. 


Does someone else has this problem?

Any ideas why it happens?

Maybe driver is bad?


You can see log testing bad driver with lenovo diagnostic tool 


Thanks for response,

Lenovo Legion Type Sound Issue

Recently my laptop started to make a noise when I type on my physical laptop, when I try to press and hold on the backspace buttom it will not let me delete other words and am forced to do backspace each other one at a time. Any advice how to take care of this?

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