Legion y530 freezing all the time

My Legion y530-15ICH 81FV is freezing all the time when playing games (and sometimes when using software like Excel). Note that this happens even in games that are literally 20 years old (e.g. Heroes of Might and Magic III from GOG) and other titles that should perform extremely well on this level of hardware.

Freezing seems to have something to do with the fan (it usually starts running for a moment when they happen). They’re long and frequent enough to be disrupting and annoying.


I already did a fresh install of Windows and updated BIOS when prompted but nothing helped, did all sorts of tinkering (disabling antivirus, specific Windows processes, changing power options) but nothing helped.


Critical update for ThinkPad P51 is not working

I just received email to install critical updates to my laptop, link goes here: https://support.lenovo.com/downloads/DS121037

First, after downloading in takes about 5 minutes for default Win10 system check that file (tried with Chrome and Edge – same). After checking the file is not opening – it just shows default error: "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program". As I mentioned – same result with Chrome and Edge. 


It’s actually not a question but message to somebody who can do somthing about it. I understand there could be two possible issues: the file is actually corrupted or default newest windows antimalware software does not allow to install it (during that long file cheking after download hardware usage increases drastically and default antimalware is using most of it at that time).

Dual boot in lenovo Ideapad 130

I am thinking of buying a laptop for programming and normal use.

I have seen lenovo ideapad 130 core-i5 8th gen 2gb nvidea mx110. It comes with a windows 10 preinstalled.  can i dual boot it and installl ubuntu? 

The model number is  130-15IKB

best battery charge threshold

It’s great that Lenovo Vantage cares about the lifespan of our batteries and offers us a choice of charge threshold.  But it offers no guidance what maximum level to set, except that it should be less than 100%.  Lenovo must have studied the effect of maximum charge on battery lifespan, and I wish it would share that information with us.  Higher maximum offers a convenience for most users, but they might be willing to trade some of that convenience for some increase in battery lifespan.  We need data in order to decide. 


For example, does even setting the maximum at 95% have significant livespan advantage vs. setting maximum at 100%?  Without knowing such things we’re just bumbling in setting battery charge threshold.



Does the 45W charger works on T460s ?

I only has a T460 to test with.  With a 45W charger (I bought it for a X250 which I no longer has), it seems to be charging but the red dot on the lid of the T460 does not light up.


It lights up with the 60W charger.

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