Horrible Ideapad

I bought one of the 120 series shortly before discontinuation. What a terrible device. Constant issues with network adapter. Lenovo already had it for repairs once, problems worse than ever afterward. I’d discourage anyone from buying the low-end Lenovos.

Lenovo C30-50 will not powerup

I have a Lenovo C30-50. It will not powerup. When the power button is pressed it blinks a couple times then nothing. Can anyone help?

Lenovo Legion Y740-17ICHg – SEVERE frame drops

I’m not sure if it’s just the specs of my computer, but I doubt that it’s being caused by that.

Has anyone run into the issue of sudden frame drops while playing games.

I’ve been playing games such as BFV, Borderlands 3, and the new Modern Warfare.

I usually have to play with low-quality settings to get a proper framerate.

For example, in modern warfare with the lowest settings, the game plays around the framerate of 100 – 144fps, but it has a lot, and I mean A LOT, of frame drops to at least 15-30 fps.

I’ve tried one solution that I found for the Y720, which was to hold the power button for 45 seconds after turning the computer off and unplugging the power supply…but that didn’t work.


Come somebody please help me???

S540 does not turn on



No one answered my yesterday’s question, and here we go – another one….

S540 will not turn on. Battery full, pressing ON button, and the button and keyboard is lightning up for a second, in 5 second intervals. It is not turning on. 

Any ideas?

Network issue with k8 note

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