Can’t connect to wireless

I’m having problems connecting to my wireless internet. This problem just occurred tonight after having laptop for months. Not sure if I inactivat d it by mistake. Help!! 

Will X220 ever get a BIOS microcode patch for the Spectre?


In this official support page of Lenovo, the X220 is not among the listed machines. 


I think there are still a lot of people out there using this xx20 series laptops(X220, T420..), will lenovo ever release the BIOS update for this laptop?

bsod page fault in nonpaged area after sleep x1c4

After sleep have bsod page fault in nonpaged area after sleep.

Checked memory, disk, etc by lenovo and ms tools.

I think it started after recently updates, but not sure



Questions for Y520's microphone and video card

(specs: GTX 1050TI, 8GB ram , 7700HQ)




Recently I started playing CS:GO fery often and have been facing some problems with my old Razer headset and the Nvidia’s control panel.


So, as you know Y520 has one combined audio jack for mic and sound, but the headset i have doesn’t have a mic and has a 3,5mm audiojack, which means I’m left without microphone(or just that’s what happens). And my question is, can I somehow enable the integrated mic while the headset is plugged in?  And clearly, can I use the sound of the headset and the laptop’s microphone at same time? Is there such an option? Because when I plugg in the headset. laptop’s mic automitacally goes off, but neither the headset has one. Thats important for me simply because playing CS with headset is way better than speakers, you can understand better where the steps come from.


The next problem is not related with CS only, but every game. When Im trying to enable vsync for any game, nothing happens. It is supposed to limit the fps to 60 depending on the display’s refresh rate and it’s 60hz, so 60 fps. But for example enabling vsync for CSGO.exe from Nvidia control panel the fps remains the same as before enabling the vsync (around 100-120). Also tried it with GTA V and some other games , still nothing.


Just to add, I know there is option to enable vsync directly through the game’s settings and it is not important! The problem with Nvidia’s vsync is important for me. Why is it not working?


I will appreciate any help!


Flex 2-15: Fall Creator's Update" (version 1709) failed to install

Hi all.


I having a problem with Win 1709 update since december 2017. My system (Win 10 Home 64 bit, ver 1703, OS BUILD 15063.850) is crushes (see attached screenshot) during the installation. I tried to install it multiple times. I also asked for help from MS support, but they killed my system so I had to reinstall it. I also tried following:


Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool (mdsched.exe) -> no issues have been foundUpdate your BIOS -> there are no updates for my modelCheck and Repair Windows System Files (sfc /scannow) -> evrything is OKIChange power settings to High Performance -> does not helpTrobelshoot > Windows Update > Run The Trobleshooter. This one fixed some problem with "Service registration is missing or corrupt"Scann for viruses with Windows Defender. 

The blue screen of death shows stop code MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, not sure what else I can do in order to solve this issue.



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