Brand new 520S fan is really loud randomly

So I just bought the 520S ideapad. I just finished installing Windows and went to download chrome. That’s all I’ve managed to do with the laptop so far and the fan is just randomly going off really loud like all its processors are about to get overheated. I’m not sure what the deal is since it’s brand new and I’ve barely done anything on it. I’ve also seen other searches with similar issues for the model.


Should I be worried with my purchase?


Also, when I’m watching a video or doing anything with sound, the speakers turn on and have a static sound and it takes a moment for them to turn off again. Is this just bad quality speakers?

About using the software lenovo usb recovery creator.

I downloaded the original system using lenovo usb recovery creator.The error occurred when the recovery disk was validated in the last step.But the recovery disk appears to have been created.But with this recovery disk recovery system failed, the progress bar is stuck.I hope to give the solution as soon as possible, my computer seems to be broken.I am very dissatisfied with the software of lenovo usb recovery creator, which has a lot of problems.

Flash BIOS did not install: ThinkCentre M900

Think Center M900

Product         10FDCTO1WW

OS                  Win10 64bit

BIOS              FWKT7CA


In the past I’ve successfully used the automatic BIOS updates.


Since the late December updates have failed – even with manual download.


Screen shots show 1. installation history and 2. failed to install message.


I’ve tried updates multiple times and followed the instructions on the support pages.


Hints please?


I need to change home key function. After long press i want my phone to come to home screen. Pls hel

Yoga 920 Speakers Still Don't Work Despite All Efforts

I ordered my Yoga 920 from the Lenovo website on January 3rd and it worked fine. After a month of use, out of the blue, the speakers either made weird feedback noises or produced no sound at all. This alternated between restarts. I explained this issue to Lenovo support and the agent recommended me to let the Best Buy Geek Squad repair it under warranty. I saw I had two options, either return the laptop while before 30 days of the invoice date for an exchange or take a chance on the Geek Squad, and boy I made the wrong decision. I decided to let Geek Squad repair my laptop because I thought, "hey, they’re professionals and with all their inspections, I’m sure to get a fixed laptop back."


1 month later, I got it back 2/26 with a paper stating the motherboard had to be changed but it passed inspection and it works. I started up my Yoga 920. The OS was wiped so I had to set it up again. Cortana is talking through the speakers which was a very good sign. After setup, I changed my volume to test the sound again, and the speakers were dead silent. Since the past couple days I have been trying to troubleshoot my issue. Windows couldn’t be verified or updated. I reset the laptop, setting it up again gave me the option to update Windows, but on every startup there were 3 error messages, the tradeoff for an updated Windows.


Whatever. Updated or not, the speakers were still not working after the first reset. I have tried the Windows troubleshooter and it tried different methods to no avail. I have tried updating the audio drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the audio drivers, and did a second reset of the Yoga 920. Nothing still works.


Now I’m wondering about Lenovo’s return policy. Is this considered an error on Lenovo’s part for sending a defective product? I don’t want to have to lose 15% for restocking + shipping because I made the wrong decision to not return it right away. You trust people and then you get betrayed. Returning/exchanging is my only option because if the Geek Squad couldn’t fix it the first time, I doubt a second time would do any better. I only got to use the Yoga 920 for less than HALF the time I’ve owned it and it’s only going to get worse if it needs constant repair attempts month after month until the warranty expires and it turns into a $1300 coaster.

As a college student, I just want to use this laptop for everything, but I’m limited by this issue. It’s really frustrating that I can’t use the high-end laptop I bought for its purpose. Every day wasted having to use a terrible replacement laptop adversely affects me.

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