APN settings getting deleted automatically

My operator apn settings getting deleted automatically very frequently…aftrr reboots only again it comes..is it phone problem or operator problem?

Primary Display Monitor – Poor Display

Hi everyone,


Hope all is well.


I’m running a T470S.  I have a primary display  (Samsung Syncmaster SA350) and my laptop screen is extended.


Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of graphic design work and image editing.  After a bit of work and comparing my images on my mobile device, laptop monitor and LED monitor (HDMI), I realized the LED monitor is not crisp.  My images and graphics are a bit blurry, slightly pixilized (poor quality), and the color is off.  I’ve spent several hours playing with graphic settings and updating all of the drivers but I’ve had no luck getting it even close.


I’m wondering if anyone can assist with either or option:


1.  Suggestions on how to fix the issue?

2. Buy a new monitor if needed, are there any suggestions on a monitor that will give me crisp and realistic graphics?



Lenovo x240 graphic driver issue

Hi, i’m experimenting problems with graphic card driver. When i install the driver (both the Lenovo suggested one and the Intel one), the screen become black and i can listen the sound of a disconnected device. Then, after every boot, i can’t see anything on the display. I installed windows from zero and i haven’t installed any other third party software, the only operation i’ve done after the installation is the Windows’ update and Lenovo’s drivers update. I tried also to install graphic card driver in safeboot mode, and the installation completes, thus i think the problem depends on conflicts between drivers. I also tried to install old Intel driver, but the problem persists. The first time it happend was in June, during a Windows’ update. After that, the only "solution" i found to see the screen is to restore the Microsoft basic driver. I can’t figure out if the problem depends on Windows or on Lenovo’s drivers. Any solution?

Thank you.

Finger print unlock doesn't work – windows 10


I have lenovo flex 4-1480 with windows 10 as OS, and since the latest update of Windows I cannot use the finger print unlock function.

Windows 10 settings says that "Windows hello isn’t available for this device" so I went to Device Manager and saw that Synaptics WBDI has a warning sign.


I checked its driver and it is from 2016 (v 5.2.518.26) and up to date.

Also, it doesn’t say "SGX enabled" like other people on this forum.

Regarding the SGX thing, I have tried openning the BIOS menu but It had no option with SGX.


But overall, I have no idea how to fix this problem so I could use the finger print unlock again

Ideapad 320 80XL040RIN upgrading optical drive to hard drive caddy

I have a lenovo ideapad 320-151kb 80XL040RIN… I have a 2TB HDD but I want SSD too… So can I replace my optical drive with Hard drive caddy? By doing so will I be voiding my 3-years on-site warranty?? Please help me I dont want to replace my HDD with SDD. I want both but I dont even wanna void my warranty ;__:

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