Yoga Tablet 2 model 1051L-sd card disappearing in Windows 10

Hi, I did a clean install of win10 (1709). everythng is ok. however, I realised that after a short while,my sd card(d:/) will disappear. device manager will show that my sd storage class controller is not working. i’m using 16gb and 32gb card.


I read in the forum that win10 will not read some 32gb and above cards. but my problem is a bit different.


can anyone help? I also tried changing the intel sd host controller to another older version (6.3.9600) but the problem remains.



Lenovo Watch 9, blinks 4 times; it’s just dead.

It’s 5 days since my watch 9 stopped at all, there’s no movement, no Bluetooth, no connection, nothing. Just the led blinking 4 times. 


As I’ve searched, it’s an failure update related to the firmware. 


@Lenovo (the company) is not responding properly, They just recommend to reset it, but, how to proceed? Because the watch is not responding at all with the button, just 4 blinks. 

Downloading drivers for M625q

Good afternoon. I am preparing a volume image for the Lenovo M625Q and the Lenovo site keeps asking to install Lenovo Service Bridge.


1st – I am not working in a Lenovo equipment. I am getting everything on a different machine with a differen OS.

2nd – Why do I need to have some Lenovo software in my machine in order to get Lenovo drivers?

3rd – Everyday I get drivers for every type of equipment in my machine. Several brands and OS’s. Never had to put some undesireble stuff in my machine. If Lenovo is heading this way I will disqualify the Lenovo equipments.


BTW I have tried different browsers… it still request the LSB to be installed…



Should i Update my BIOS? Ideapad 320 8th generation

Hello, my friends! Good morning/evening and night!


I have a notebook Lenovo Ideapad 320 whit I5 8250U processor,MX 150, model of reference 81G30001BR.


Recently i installed in it the Lenovo Vantage program to see if, in fact, all my drivers are updated, because sometimes im getting blue screen and my whole system restart when i play some games. Anyway…


In the Lenovo Vantage program its suggested to me one "critical" atualization for the Bios to do in my sistem. But, i’ve been reading some posts in forum and i see that A LOT of people are having problems when they try to update their Bios in Lenovo Notebooks. Some of them solve the problem changing the Boot mode from UEFI to Legacy Support, others have to restore all the system again, losing all work they have to install everything again,etc.

Taking into account all i’ve mentioned i would like to know if in fact this update is really necessary and what’s the benefits i’ll got if i do this. I download the .txt of the BIOS who explain a little bit of the change, but it’s not so clear.


Anyway, if i do this update in my Bios, what procedure i have to take? The .txt archive don’t explain in what boot mode i have to put my computer,etc. I’m afraid to do all this and have to format my system…


Report from chassis and server via python

I am trying to query our Xclarity appliance as i do with HPE Oneview. The goal is to have a report of the network configuration for each blade server. Using pylxca library, I can extract basic information of chassis and servers. I would like to get VLAN associated with logical interfaces using port patterns. Where can I found examples to get that kind of information?


Many thanks and best regards,


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