I have juste purchased the yoga 730 13 i7 and performed all the updates from windows and lenovo right aware.

Happy to have all at done i know try to setup windows hello login for fingerprint and camera however it says that the windows is not available for this laptop.


I did setup a pin try to to perform more updates using the lenovo support website but still not luck 🙁


Ah and also something weird i do not see any biometrics within my devices even though i have installed it with the installation package provided on lonovo support website. 


Anyone experienced the same issue and who could provide some help?


Thanks a lot

Vibration not working after android 8.0.0 update

Vibration is not working after the android update. I checked through the Lenovo help diagnose mode also then also not working. But sometimes it’s working.

Laptop Display not working

I bought a G50-80 Lenovo Laptop about 1 year ago, and the warranty just expired last week, so unfortunately this issue won’t be covered by the warranty . Basically all of a sudden my computer won’t show anything on the display when I turn it on.


When I pressed caps lock and NumLock button indicator was not turned on.

Only laptop light is on.

Lenovo Ideapad 310 – black screen – help please

Hi guys


About 2 weeks ago my ideapad 310 laptop stopped working. I can turn it on, I get the Lenovo screen and I can put my password in but once I press enter I get a black screen and can’t go any further. This happened out of the blue. The laptop is only 2 years old. Can anyone please let me know what I can do to fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks

OTG cable problem with k5 play

Hello I have been buying the lenovo k5 play for less than a month and I find that when using the otg cable it sends me to the blocking screen in a few seconds I hope you can help me as I need to be able to use it.


I expect answers, thank you in advance

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