I have a Lenovo X1E, 1st gen 20MF laptop hooked to my second Thunderbolt 3 workstation dock. I have already had to replace the Dock once because of connection issues. My current one was messing up as well until I flashed both the X1E thunderbolt controller and the dock as well, I also read on another forum about disabling some power setting in the BIOS but I cant remember what setting it was. However, now when I launch a full screen game, such as World of Warcraft, the dock will disconnect and reconnect randomly. I am about to toss this $400 dollar paperweight out the window! Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful!

Why no seperate thread for vr headset and camera!!!

It has been about a year since i purchased my Lenovo vr180 camera. 

I feel so much like Lenovo just wanted to sell me the buggy camera and the leave me in the ditch.


After one year the thread for Vr headset and camera are still mixed together making it very difficult to navigate info on camera in here… someone mentioned this 1 year ago but still nothing happened!!!! 


MAKE THE SEPERATE THREADS LENOVO… are you reading anything in here at all!!!!


The support for use with Oculus is none existing .. you have to go through hell to get images on your headset. (And NO i will not buy the lenovo headset)


Imagine if you had a lenovo camera that would only display pictures on a lenovo monitor!!! This is practically what this is!!! Shame on lenovo for this. 

I honestly want my money back. 


-You have to download pictures from camera to phone..

-Then upload to google photos…

-Then enter a browser on oculus go..

-Find google photos and the picture

-Download picture to headset!!! 



You can also copy pictures from your camera

to laptop and then to oculus go headset. … why having to go through all his troubble?! 

Not to mention that you have to take the sdcard out of the camera to add to laptop since connecting the camera to laptop direct can only access the internal memory. 


Google and oculus are killing the mobile vr scene in this war.  They simply ruin this tech for themselves and its users. 



P51 Charging Issues

I have seen several posts on this subject, but nothing that has answered my question.

Beginning last week, every time that I start up my Lenovo P51 laptop, I receive the following error:

"An unknown adapter is connected to the system. To use AC power, please conect the AC adapter that was shippe with the system."

I am using the adapter that was shipped with the system.

On the day the problem began, I made two changes to the syestem: I added an 2nd SSD drive (Intel M.2 660p 2TB), and I upgraded from Windows 10 pro version 1803 to 1903.


I have tried the following fixes, all with no result:

1. Lenovo Support’s recommendation – unplug everything, remove battery, hold power button for 60 seconds, put everything back, and restart

2. Uninstall and reinstall battery and power management drivers

3. System revert to before the update, and remove 2nd SSD

4. Backed up all files and completely reinstalled Windows

5. Airplane mode is not and never was activated

6. The connectors are not dirty or bent.

7. Lenovo sent me a new adapter, but it did not help.


The laptop does charge when powered off, but slower than it used to.


I would greatly appreciate any ideas.

S330 Chromebook won't turn on

I left my chromebook at my apartment over Labor Day weekend, got back to find that it wouldn’t turn on. Someone suggested the battery might be dead, but despite recharging it (I don’t believe the batter was dead at all, the charging light was green when plugged in), all it does is flash the screen blacklight when attempting to power on. Bad screen hardware can be counted out, as the Chromeos Recovery screen comes up normally when pressing esc+refresh+power. 


I’ve tried to use the Chromeos recovery utlity, but no matter what flash drive or SD card I use, it always says "an unexpected error has occurred". Not sure what is up with that.


I bought this chromebook back in June, so it should still be under warrenty. As I am a full-time student, I’d rather not be without it for a lengthy period of time, but at this point I don’t know what else to do. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

K8 Note giving problems in IVR calls

I am getting problems consistently when i am answering IVR calls, specifically when i am asked to enter a conference call id etc on my K8 note phone…. I could see that the numbers are entered properly, however the phone is not giving proper numbers back to IVR…. 


I could notice that this is possibly due to the "wave like" key press feature, may be the first key press is not finishing before the second key press due to the wave effect. i have typed so slowly for the wave effect of first key press to stop and then tried, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt and sometime IVR makes fun of my slowness…


Is this a known issue and any fixes for the same? I am almost given up on this issue…



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