I’ve got the docking station hoooked up to two external displays. Works perfectly until the system sleeps or hibernates. On wakeup, about half the time, one of the screens shows a bunch of scrambled pixels. The recovery is to unplug the DisplayPort cable for that monitor, wait for things to settle down, then plug it in again. Doing this a couple of times a day is going to get old very quickly.

Yet another unresponsive Case Manager

I am at my wits’ end about this issue.

I bought a Lenovo Ideapad 730s a month back and turns out that the webcam doesn’t turn on (Device not attached error).

The premium care agent conveniently decided that the hardware is faulty and I have been waiting for a repair since then but due to non-availability of camera, the repair-data has been pushed to November.

My case was escalated and soon the  Case Manager contacted me regarding replacement of the newly bought laptop which I confirmed to go ahead with, over email. After a week, he collected credit card details from me to "secure the return of the old laptop" and assured me that I’ll get the tracking details for the replacment laptop soon. Its been 2 weeks and there’s no response from him to my repeated queries.

Please help me! I am a college student who has interviews lined up next month and without a webcam, I can’t do squat!

Here’s the subject of email which has the case number:

 RE: [External] Re: Lenovo Headquarters Escalation – Case #04077337 [ ref:_00D30V2Wu._5001O1bB2mX:re [ ref:_00D30V2Wu._5001O1bB2mX:ref ]

Managing Lenovo Software updates Painful

I get emails: "Lenovo Support Subscription Update" with lists / links of what is supposed to Product Security Advisories. 

If I run Lenovo Vantage or their System Update Tools – other software updates may be found & update or the system shows as software Up-To-Date". But the tools do not appear to be these same as the eMail updates and the updates applied by the tools are not the ones in the eMails. Going into the support website some of these can be found but are difficult to find and look cumbersome to install / one at a time. 


Are the legitimate patches that need to be applied? 

How do I reconcile fixes needing to apply between: eMail, Vantage, System Update and website?

How do I check if any or all updates have actually been applied (log files???)  


I have tried to send an email for this but the Lenovo eMail tool does not work (fails on phone & zip code).

I have completed survey’s and sent feedback – but no response… this is horrible process and support from Lenovo. 



Lenovo Y540 Battery life and Hybrid mode issue



I’ve been running into some issues with my Y540 i7 9750H RTX 1660 Ti 144hz laptop.


I’ve enabled hybrid mode, everything seems to work fine I check the activity notification icon and the nvidia card is inactive, but the battery life is actually worse than running discrete graphics, I only get about 1h50m doing light browsing on battery save with the brightness down. With discrete graphics I can get around 2h30m. Everything on both windows and the intel graphics app are set on power saver but I can’t seem to get better battery life, it’s also quite weird that with the nvidia I get better results. Any ideas? I’m thinking that if hybrid was working as stated I would reach 3-4h of battery life which would be ideal.


On a side note, I’ve been having this known issue of a black/blank screen after waking the computer from sleep, it is usually fixed by refreshing the drivers with winkey_shift_b and it doesn’t always happens, any fixes for that yet ? I’ll be calling support but I figured I’ll try here as well.


Thanks to anyone taking the time to investigate.

Question about 5K (5120×2880) monitor connectivity to P72/P73 over TB3 and mini-DP (P72 only)

The specs for the P72 states a max of 5K@30Hz while for P73 it states 5K@60Hz for TB3 monitor connection. Does anybody what technically limits the P72 at 30Hz and if that’s really the case ? Currently there is only the LG UltraFine 5K that works over TB3 (and designed for macs although some people had it working on PCs), and that limit to 30Hz (if true) would kill it on the P72.


The P72 specs also states that the max res for the mini DP 1.4 is 4k@60Hz while the DP 1.4 says that the max supported resolution is 5K@60Hz. This is contradicting, so what to believe? Does the limitation comes from the Quadro ? Asking because there is a iiyama 5K monitor that uses DP 1.4 and I wonder if it would work with the P72…


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