Hi.  I would like to know which (if any) cameras are supported for actually viewing the live feed of the camera on the smart display.  I didn’t see this information on the Lenovo website.  I’m able to view my Arlo Pro feeds on the Echo Show and want to make sure this is possible on the Smart Display before making the switch.



External Monitor/keyboard connectivity – Lenovo Y520

I wish to connect my laptop to an external screen to get a higher refresh rate(144 Hz). The screen I have has a display port and I think the USB-c of Lenovo Y520 has a displayport in it too but not a dedicated displayport.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to connect the monitor and the laptop, will a displayport to USB-C cable do the trick?

Secondly, I also wish to use an external keyboard. The ideal scenario would be to connect the keyboard with USB to the monitor and let the laptop sit lid down behind it. Would that work?

URGENT! International service about X1 TABLET 3rd Gen

dear, it’s written that:


"Applicable Scope:

Above terms and conditions apply to new THINK products announced and sold after September 15th, 2017 and selected new Idea/Lenovo brand IWS eligible notebook products sold after September 15th, 2017.
PCs sold prior to September 15th, 2017 should refer to the International Warranty Service Terms and Conditions (English) -2015.
*Smartphones and tablet products, Idea/Lenovo brand desktop products are NOT supported by the IWS service."

(quoted from : https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/pd004172 )


The last sentence saying tablet is not supported by IWS service, but there are choices of adding money on International service entitlement in the Warranty column while I purchase X1 TABLET 3rd Gen. So could you please tell me if X1 tablet 3rd Gen eligible for IWS service?


thank you.

Synaptics 'TouchPad' disabled after W10 PRO install T440

There’s a few threads here and hundreds spread over the WWW that mention a ‘same’ situation with actually no method to correct that seems to actually work.. The current Lenovo ‘driver’ was installed by Windows Updates during the course of the build. The original ‘click-pad’ is still in use and 


Version is 1803 – 17134.286 OS  The driver is


I doubt a need for images that show it being ‘disabled’ – it is ‘ENABLED’ in the BIOS. That was actually the first place I looked when I saw an issue. 


This is a ‘NEW’ install of W10 and not just a refresh of the original ‘upgrade’.

Lenovo Yoga 700 14 ISK Screen Damaged

Mu laptop screen is damaged. It was working until couple days busck but has stopped working now. Since I had purchased the laptop from US and now using it in indiathe cost if the screen is ridiculously high. Is there any other screen which will fit this model or is there a possibility I order a screen from US and get it replaced here in India


Need help please

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