Thinkstation P330 shuts down randomly

Have a Thinkstation P330 desk top that randomly shuts down.

The only way to restart is to disconnect power and hit start button.

Can’t seem to find any logs or errors that can point me in the right direction.

Anyone have the same issue?

Failing TS140 Raid Controller?

I have a Thinkserver TS140 M70A4003AUX, Intel Xeon with 32GB of ECC RAM and Raid 1 on (2) 4TB WD drives currently running Windows 7. I am using it for a software server. When I went to use the softwared today, it wouldn’t connect. The server had froze. 

I did a hard reboot and it came up very slowly then froze again.  I thought it might be the main drive going bad.

I unplugged the main drive and it booted from the mirror drive and seemed to operate normally.

For testing purposes, I disconnected the mirror drive and booted from the main drive.  This also worked.

So, being confused, I plugged them both back in, booted and the freezing issue returned.

It is currently humming along normally on the main drive with the mirror drive removed.


Could this be the internal RAID controller going bad?? Any suggestions?

For Yoga 720, How to keep the hardware keyboard working after flipping screen 360 degree

For Yoga 720, I realized that after flipping the screeen more 270 degree, it hardware keyboard autommatically does not work. 

How to keep the hardware keyboard works after flipping screen 360 degree. Thank you. 


MOD: Title edited for clarification

Help identify Unknown Device in Device Manager in X1E Gen 2

Can someone please take a look at their Device Manager and see what the 3rd device listed under ‘Other Devices’ is? 

Trying to figure out which drivers I am missing

Smallest/lightest available charger for the P52?

I seem to be finding conflicting information online.


What is the smallest/lightest available charger for the P52?


Would this one work?


Or if not, could you reccomend one?



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