Thinkpad X1 Extreme weird noise / Fan Noise

I just received X1 Extreme.

Everything works fine and as expected, but there is one thing that keeps bugging me.

It’s a weird little electric noise X1E makes.


Here is the electric noise.

I am not sure what causes this noise but I think this happens when the fan starts running.

I don’t think the laptop should make this kind of noise since there is no HDD, CD, or other parts that makes noise other than fan.

And fan should not make those electric noise.


Also, I noticed that there is little rattling sound (only noticable when I put my ears very close to bottom of laptop).


The elctric sound happens when heavy-loading and the rattling sound is unnoticeable.

But I am worried if there is some malfunctioning hardware in my laptop.


Does anyone have similar issue? Is this normal?


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PX6-300D CPU Fan is not functioning

I own a LenovoEMC™ px6-300d which is in perfect conditon. Few days ago i received alert a new firmware is available for the device. I downloaded and updated it to "version px4px6-4.1.406.34763". After the firmware upgrade finished and device rebooted it started reporting error: ‘CPU Fan’ is not functioning.
I have updated the firmware in past also but never had any issue like this. Is anyone else also facing issue like this after upgrading to this firmware version?

Ideapad 320-15IKB adding SSD

Hi community!


I’m about to join you with a new Lenovo 320-15IKB notebook, there are 3 sellers near where I live which do have this model.


I already read all other topics about whether this model has an additional M2 slot on motherboard or not, along the default 1TB HDD.

All other threads say the same: it depends on when it was produced, but I cant seem to find an answer by myself.


I would like to be able to add a SSD while keeping the 1TB HDD.


Below is the first MTM number (I’ll add the other 2 tomorrow from the other stores):

– 320-15IKB MTM:81BT001RIX psref : psref




I see from the psref site that there are the following models with the i5-8250U CPU in Italy:


Which are the models from the above screen which do have the additional M2 slot (if any, besides the models already having SSD), so I could directly search for the specific models?



If none of the available models have the M2 slot, my only possibility would be removing the DVD and adding the SSD there, isnt it?



Thank you for your time and patience!

Legion Y530 Freezes under heavy CPU Load

Under a 100% CPU load, the computer will freeze. This does not happen during gaming, as gaming does not push the 8750H to max load. I notice this mostly compiling programs in Linux (Manjaro, Kernel 4.19). However, I’ve also had the computer freeze under heavy CPU load in Windows as well. I’d rather not do an RMA for this laptop. Are there any solutions? Am I able to reseat the battery to solve this issue, or some similar fix? Is my battery incapable of delivering the requireing instantaneous power? Please help. 

Lenovo Yoga 2 pro and Active Pen not connecting

Hi, I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (type 80AY, BY05331786) laptop. A week ago I bought the Lenovo Active Pen (Not the Active Pen 2). 


I have trouble connecting the pen with my laptop. It does not connect to it nor does it even notice it. I activated the bluetooth on the laptop, tried updating the drivers… you name it. Even bought 2 different batteries, just to test if the pen even works.


I tried installing some software that I found on the Windows store, but it is for the ActivePen2. Unfortunately i did not found any possible way to even know if the pen works or not.


Any ideas?



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