I have had my Thinkpad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard for years now.  But it automatically updated the driver recently and now the FN-ESC (for FNLK) no longer works.  I am stuck with the media keys instead of the FN keys.  I have no previous drivers to revert to and cannot find them online anywhere.


Since the selection between the FN and media keys is handled by the driver and I have no bios options to modify it, there must be a flaw in the latest driver.


I program with the keyboard and trackpoint and rarely ever with the mouse.  As a result I have carpal tunnel so pressing multiple keys is extremely awkward and unruly.  Not having the function keys is severely effecting my productivity.



Lenova Yoga

Have not used for some time. Put on charger for over 24hrs, LED is "ON" but will not start up by using procedure with "Start Button" or "Volume"

Would appreciate any help



Lenovo Yoga 510 booting

When i turn on my laptop it is showing a command checking media   failed.then automatically restarting and repeating it.

What is the problem.?


When this problem occured it was showing hard drive not detecte.     

System X3550 M4 power button does not work correctly

When first time I plug in the power line to X3550 M4, it can be turned on by power button.

But after that, power button is useless. Can only be shut down by the operating system or IMM. Power-on can only be done from IMM.

The power button seems to be locked?


I tried reset bios, upgrade IMM, and tried Windows / Linux systems, the power button still useless.

Lenovo Y520 – No Sound after error

My laptop blue screened and automatically restarted. When it did, I had lost all sound.  I could not get it to see the bluetooth Bose speaker I’ve used for nearly a year with it. I tried using an Aux jack but all I got was static.  I went to the device manager and removed all enhancements, no difference.  I uninstalled and reinstalled all sound drivers – no difference.  I simply do not have sound.  I’m rather grumpy because I JUST got this laptop back from another warranty repair the day after Labor Day where the only information I was given was "Corrupted BIOS." 


I’m at a loss with what else can be done.  For reference, I followed all steps provided in this video as well as uninstalling and reinstalling all sound drivers.

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