ThinkCentre M58e (type 7303)

A co worker of ours is taking home an old M58e, He needs an HDMI graphic card. I see it had 1 PCI slot and 2 half length half heigh PCI Express x16 slots. I cant seem to find any graphic cards that fit a half heigh half legnth pci e slot or any PCI cards with an HDMI. Any help  would be great.


This PC is very old so hard to find modern specs that still work.



E570 won't start after BIOS updating

I just updated BIOS on E570. Then, the system won’t get started. After pressing power button, I can hear the "beep" sound, and see the green dot on the power button. But, nothing shows up on the screen, and green dot on the button disappears less than a minute. Please, any suggestion? Thanks!

Can't delete the personal cloud on ix-2


I had configured personal cloud on my ix-2 and used it without problems. Recently I tried to reach the personal cloud remotely and I failed. After connecting to it from home network I tried to configure it, unfortunately there is endless processing message (see the image) Then I tried to delete it, but I got an error "Unable to update the requested settings". I restart it, I updated the firmware to Version:4.1.308.34385, nothing changed….

I can disable it, but I don’t know how to create a new one (if it is possible when the old one is not deleted ?).

I can work with all folders and data stored on it when I’m on home network, but I need also to have the access when I’m remote….

Any idea what to do ?




T470 NVMe SSD enclosure

Hey everyone,

I was upgrading the NVMe SSD and was wondering what is the funtiuon of the rubbbery part (which sits on top of the SSD drive) shown in the photo.

This part got a bit dirty but didn’t know how to clean it. Will it cause problems moving forward?




Lenovo Legion Y520 question

I am thinking of buying the Lenovo Legion Y520 desktop tower, I am trying to find out if it has a DVD drive. No one seems to know and I can’t find any info about it.


Can I also upgrade it later if needed?

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