Thinkcenter M910s take 5 min for Start with Dongle USB Logitech mouse connected

Hello dear user Lenovo ( on Space¬† Station international, or not ūüôā¬†¬†


When connected it on new M910S -> one Dongle USB Logitech Mouse and one Keyboard USB Stock lenovo, the thinkcenter make 5  min to start .

And I try this on BIOS : use Boot only on M2 and delete all on list ( all another boot USB ETH etc etc)


Always USB DONGLE LOGITECH connected ( i TRY Two Model of mouse and dongle) Computer Start with logo LENOVO (circle turn) 5 min


Thank to help me if you have already problme show


on PC : one M2 (Systeme) and SSD samsung 1To , i try disable SSD 1TO also

T470s stuck at BIOS without docking station


My T470s does not start (after shutdown) and get stuck at Lenovo BIOS screen indefinitely. However, it starts perfectly well when the docking station (Lenovo ThinkPad dock) is attached. I have tried updating the BIOS to version 1.30 (latest), but still the problem remains.


I have a dual boot (Windows 10 + Ubuntu 17.10). The problem started after suddenly one day on startup the laptop displayed a simple message saying that the laptop is updating (probably BIOS) and I shouldn’t power it off. After a while it started normally, but then didn’t start after shutdown.


Please let me know how to diagnose and solve this issue.



Multiple T470s unresponsive when docked

Hello, my first post Рplease be gentle!


We have multiple T470s ThinkPad’s which when connected to the ultra dock 40A2, will randomly become unresponsive to input via Bluetooth¬†or USB. The laptops all run with their¬†displays closed and opening the display or undocking the computer allows functionality to return. When the issue happens, the external display remains powered on and the time is changing which indicates that the¬†ThinkPad has not fully frozen. Plugging in a USB mouse to either the ThinkPad or the dock results in no power light or activity, however, if the mouse is connected directly and the computer is removed from the dock, the mouse powers on and works as expected.


The laptops have all been fully updated with drivers via the Lenovo System Update app and they are also running Windows 10 1803 with all available updates installed. As far as I can tell, only one firmware update for the docks is available (2.33.000) which has been applied with no change


The issue can affect the same user every 10-20 minutes one day (persisting after restarts etc) and then the ThinkPad works fine the day after. No errors or alerts are shown in Windows event viewer to indicate an issue has occurred


Thank you for your time

Lenovo Ideapad 330 15IKB Gamng performance and low fps in light games

I bought my laptop mainly for work but sometimes I play Rocket league or any other light games I have in my steam library. However, comparing the performance with laptops with same specs my laptop always stutters or has significantly lower fps with low graphics. Is there any bottlenecks with this laptop that needs to be fixed?

Lenovo tab2 a7-20f

Why my lenovo tab2 a7-20f wont boot to recovery mode when i will press power button and volume up it restart only help me please ūüôĀ




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