Is there any official lenovo or windows tool to measure temperature of various components(eg. CPU and GPU)?

Yoga 920 creaking hinge



So I have a Yoga 920 just over 1 month old (too old for return) and the hinge is creaking like hell.


Every time It moves, it creaks. I think it is coming from the screen part of the laptop, but it’s hard to be sure.


Does anyone have this problem? Any solution?

I guess if someone have a solution for the same problem on the Yoga 910, it would work on the 920 too.



faulty battery given


i buy battery of lenovo A6000 plus mobile so there is any warrent or garenty comes on it to replace because it draining fastly so it will be


Please help! Can't find update option.



I have a problem. I can’t find ,,update software" option anywhere and I don’t know how to update my smartphone.


I’ve searched all phone.


I can send screenshot if you want.


Best regards,


Pressing space button too soft

I can not understand whether this is a bug of my fingers or the button a space in my X1 strangely gets rich, if I press the space in the left corner, pressing is very soft, as far as I myself do not understand whether they were or not, while the button Executes correctly and space is put in place. Whether prompt there is such problem or it is simply my delirium?

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