tab e10 tablet constantly crashing

I can’t play a game for 5 minutes my tablet crashes. This has been happening since the last android update in September. This is really frustrating. It used to play games fine, then constant crashing. The game app locks up and I have to restart.

This is a lenovo tab e10 (tb-x104f).

I have only 4 apps that I installed, and they are all up to date.

Another issue, I have to keep auto update off. The reason for this is the tablet installs apps and games that I don’t want and I have to uninstall the same 5 apps over and over again. I paid money for this tablet and it really angers me that lenovo puts apps on my device without my permission because you obviously get money from other companies to do so.


Lenovo MIIX 2 10 battery replecement

Hi, can you replece old  battery with new one in lenovo miix 2 10? 

Cannot boot from Bios

I have a ThinkPad E531. Last night the latest windows update bombed out at 16% & tried to restart with the message “undoing changes” which just ended up with a blank screen and a flashing cursor in the top corner. Have tried to reboot but there seems to be no startup/boot menu in my BIOS. Does anyone know how to do this with my BIOS version?


Moderator note: image containing serial number removed to prevent abuse.  MT-M is 6885E2G, BIOS version is HEET42WW (1.23)

T420 not booting after fan replacement

Hi there,


It was a quite long time that the fan was often noisy but i did not care about so much. Two weeks ago, i restarted the computer but when booting up i got the ‘fan error’. So, i openened the laptop to get the p/n and ordered a complete new fan assembly with dissipator. When received, i changed it (cleaned the CPU top and put some coooling paste). Then, before re-assembling i tested if it was ok. The computer boot up without the error to the Windows 7 users screen.  I stopped the computer by clicking the off button on the same screen without opening a session and i finished to re-assemble the computer with the screws. So, i as i was happy with my repair, i plugged the power cord and started the computer by pushing the button. To my surprise, it then hanged to boot normally. Nothing on the screen, only the start button blinking every second (what i now know that it ‘should’ mean that the computer is in hibernation mode). Then, pushing again a few seconds did not stop the laptop nor disconnecting the power cord, only stopped by removing the main battery. Tried a few times, nothing better. Then, after a few researches (also on this forum) i tried some suggested solutions but none of them could help. I tried the following :


– disconnecting the backup battery (yellow one for bios) the restarting

– disconnecting the backup battery + main battery (the laptop should startup without the main button) only plug in the power cord –> what it did : now no hibernation status on the button (normal green mode) but still no apparent boot

– removed the fan, cleaned the top of the CPU and the dissipator, put less cooling paste, put the fan again on place as someone said that too much paste could harm the CPU

– disconnected either or together : RAM, HDD, ultrabay DVD –> same behavior

– connected an external screen to the VGA output then swiched FN F7 –> no signal on the external screen

So, the keyboard seems to not responding, no audible beep (even when removing the ram), now the display leds for the sleep mode and the battery charge are off (since all tests above).


Normally, anyone would tell that the motherboard is probably dead however when starting i see the DVD reacting to the boot, lighting up, then i can open it through its button and i can hear the HDD working… Perhaps a message is posted to the video output but i cannot see it ?


So, i don’t know what to do as there is no logical reason that the motherboard should be bricked while after having changed the fan the computer has boot up with success to the windows 7 prompt. What could be the problem ? I controlled all the connectors i could have access to and they are all on place. I even checked the voltage of the backup battery as stated in the maintenance manual and the voltage is ok.


Any suggestion excepted the obious one : changing the motherboard ?


I don’t have any recovery dvd nor lenovo softwares tools… Is there a possibility to reload the firmware to the bios …with no display ?


Totally weird



P72 – Quadro P4200 Nvidia Problem (driver or graphic card)

Hello Everyone!


I have the P72 with Quadro P4200 since jan/2019. So it’s in warranty yet ( 3 years ).

But i hope don’t need to activate and see if i found some solution around here first!


Problem 1 – Everytime i boot the machine ( this last month )   the  Nvidia card is not detected at boot.

Need to reboot 1 or 2 times to Nvidia "turn on"  and be able to work without issues.

I tried using Hybrid/Discrete mode and same issues.


This happens to anyone?  i even reinstall all windows again ( maybe some driver problem )  and no deal.  this happens everyday.

The only solution is never turn off the machine and this is not a good thing ( i guess) 



Problem 2 – The P4200 is running in 50C  right now.  Super good thermals!  But…  if i open photoshop or maya per exemple ( even youtube)  ,  only open these programs,  make the thermals go to 70C without use 4% of GPU…and the fans start  run/stop  every minute.


It’s very annoying because when i use Vray per example GPU+CPU   in 100%  use  the thermals are fantastic! And the noise too

So why this happens when the system are in idle?  without use too much power?      


I can send videos here with the issues……if this help…..

This happens with someone?  Able to fix it?   


Or the best option is to activate the warranty ?  (bad because i can stay some days without the machine ) 



I hope someone can help here because the machine is fantastic!  

Before P72  i was using  Thinkstation  D30  and  P72 is MUCH more powerful.












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