My T560 20FH001RUS stays on a docking station most of the time.  When I remove it the laptop screen goes black.  I can see a small flicker, but not the desktop.  Are there any know issues or solutions to this?  It is still under warranty.

Lenovo k8 plus is too slow

Lenovo k8 plus is too slow it takes long time to open an app even there is a 5gb storage Is free 

Compatibility between 6th Gen X1 Carbon and OneLink+ Dock

Hi all,


I’m looking for some feedback before I order the 6th gen X1 Carbon, I currently have an old OneLink+ dock left over from my previous Carbon and I’m wondering if it will be compatible with the new generation as well. I looked at some pictures of the laptop and it seems like it has a port for this dock but then I found other posts that say they are not compatibile with each other.


X1 Model – 20KH002MUS

Dock Model – DU9047S1


Is there anyway to know for sure before ordering it? Or should I just play it safe and order one of the new Thunderbolt docks?


T470s Dolby Audio User Interface

Does anyone know where the Dolby Audio User Interface software is available? The laptop has Dolby Audio but no user interface, Like Dolby Advanced Audio v2 .

[Help] Yoga2 Pro 13 i7 wireless ac 7260NGW ,,,,,,

 I don’t know what number to buy.
Please help me. My Bios version is latest.
This is the i7 version. I am sorry for my poor English.

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