Hi Guys, 


I need a rail kit system that will fit into a 22"deep cabinet for the Thinksystem SR250. 


Please suggest a part number . 



UI do not keep apps run in background – Z5s

Hi, I just take Z5s and as always – install some livewallpapers.

But even with 4G of ram. UI just kill every apps when the phone in idle. I couldn’t find a way to keep apps running in background like in MIUI. So anyone have solution for this? Thanks in advance.

How to disable system recovery from the novo button menu on Ideapad 330


I have a lenovo Ideapad 330 which is running windows 10 Home edition. This is my son’s laptop. He and his friends played with it and pressed the novo button on the left and the boot menu showed up with an option for system recovery. So they were able to factory reset the system without a password. I would like to do one of three things


1. Remove the option to do system recovery (particularly factory reset) on pressing the novo  button, from the novo button menu

2. Or just disable or uninstall OneKey recovery from this system. 

3. Or require Admin password for selecting any recovery option from the novo button menu


I was reading somewhere online that it is possible to uninstall OneKey recovery. But I cant find a reliable way to do that. OneKey recovery does not show up in Programs and Features or any program list from the windows. I cant even find anything related to OneKey recovery on the registry


If you know how to resolve this, please help. Appreciate any help you can offer.




40AS dock issues with monitors not coming back on when re-connecting

The scenario we have is the user P1 with 40AS dock, dual monitors through the dock.  The user goes to a meeting, they come back plug in the USB C cable and their external monitors never come back.  With older model docks we used to power cycle the dock.  However this dock when you press the button the light just stays on, it doesn’t turn off.  The ultimate fix is to unplug the dock power cord for a few seconds and plug it back in, then the monitors will come up.  In testing we noticed that if everything is up and working pushing the power button shuts down the laptop.  However in this re-connect scenario that doesn’t happen.  It’s as if the dock is just locked up and needs power cycle.  We updated firmware and drivers from Lenovo site.  Still same.

BIOS update fails on T420

I have a Lenovo T420, model #25371Q9, i5 M560, running Win7 Pro 64 v6.1.7601. My current BIOS version is "LENOVO 6IET74WW (1.34 ), 25-Oct-10" and I want to update it to the latest version. I donwloaded and executed the utility from Lenovo Support, but get a dialog:
The process does not recognize this system.
The process has been cancelled.

I found only one forum post regarding this, and it talks about making a CD image. Would that make a difference? I can make a bootable USB(hopefully works?) but suspect the same results. Anyone know where I get a version of such utility that would work for me?

Thank you 🙂

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