P1 magnetic privacy filter?


Does anybody if there are some easy on/off privacy filters available for the thinkpad p1 (like magnetic ones) ?

Thx a lot!


Y910 AIO RTX GPU Upgrade

Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the gpu of Y910 aio to rtx 2080 or potentially 2080ti, considering the power supply is only 380w? 


Also is it possible to upgrade the psu in this unit, is the psu in the base of the stand standard sized?


P72 Memory Upgrade

So I have ordered the special Keyboard Removal tool for the P72 (Search for Part Number 01LX856)  but it’s delivery has slipped twice now and I’m beginning to think I will be able to get a flying car sooner sooooo I just went and did it without the tool.  Go to page 74 of the P72 Hardware Reference Manual  and you will find the instructions on doing the memory upgrade.  Remove the back plate and then remove the one screw between the two m2 SSD drives.  It is indicated with a keyboard icon in the plastic.  Flip the unit over and now is the tricky part.  You will need some very small flat head screwdrivers.  Looking at the diagram of their special tool, pry up each of the two trackpad buttons.  They actually pop off pretty easy.  Pop off the middle button between the two also.  The middle button prys off from the opposite side that the L and R trackpad buttons.  Unscrew the two small phillips screws you see.  They will not come out or off but you need to unscrew them.  Next look at the enlarged picture on page 76.  You will see two tabs that the special tool fits and leverages.  What I did was leverage a small flathead screwdriver in like their tool while at the same time I put a very small screwdriver under the front corner of the side I was leveraging.  I heard a slight click when I unlatched the snap connector.  Do the same to both sides.  You should now be able to slide the keyboard back.  The front pops up then slide forward and CAREFULLY flip the keyboard forward.  There is no need to disconnect the keyboard.  You will see the silver metal cover over the memory dimms.  Take off the cover and replace the dimms with your memory of choice.  Reverse to put back together.  When I put things back together on the little front part under the buttons I just pushed gently with my fingers and I could here it snap back in place. On putting the buttons back on the two large side buttons you engage from the back and push down forward.  For the middle button you engage from the front and push down back.


I upgraded from the single 16Gb ECC memory stick to two 32Gb of Non-ECC memory Kits from Crucial for a new total of 64Gb.  You don’t need ECC memory, or at least I don’t believe you need ECC memory.  YMMV.  The unit booted up fine and there appear to be no issues.


Hope this helps others.  As an aside, I’ve also ordered the SATA cable for the internall SSD drive as I ordered my P72 without an internal 2.5" drive thus I have no cable.  I’m 99% sure this is the correct part number (Search for 02HK806 which is described as EP720 CABLE HDD ICT).  So far Encompass shows a 12/29/18 delivery….. I also suspect that will most likely slip by A LOT but I can live for the moment without my second drive.

Ideapad 330 15- Onyx Black issue with Disk usage 100%

got replacement device from lenovo but it always shows disk usage as 100%

any help suggestions are higly appreciated


Replacement machine description: Ideapad 330 15- Onyx Black
Replacement machine serial number: ########



Mod’s Edit: Serial number removed from public view to protect member from its unwanted use.

Machine Type Model  81FK0007US



y580 red led audio out

hi everybody, 


after 6years of great job i decided to change the hd od my y580 with a kingston suv500480g, and with a new windows 10 installation. 


now the laptop really fast in all the operation , it looks like new !!! 


but i have a funny stuff to share, after i finishes to install all the windows updates , lenovo vantage and lenovo solution center, i noticed something …. 


inside the headset all there a RED LED on !!!!! i dont know what could be , and i found nothing about 



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