after download the Excutable bios update file and lunched it i get an error massege said 

"Mount the Efi system partion faild " 
and i dunno know what should i do to sove it !!
so can any one help me
my laptop is     500-15ISK Laptop (ideap

Y50-70 (960M i5-4210H) 30 FPS and massive stutters on CS:GO

I am getting about only 30 fps on the lowest settings in CSGO and it is stuttering to hell with screen tearing. People with the same spec get about 150~ on the highest settings. I have tried everything, from setting the GPU as the preferred GPU to setting the power settings to max. I really need help

Help Needed Reinstalling Operating System

I lost my os and it won’t let me install os I need help do anybody know were I can get a free recovery disk or can help me I’m very lost I have a all-in-one c40-05

Booting from the SSD drive with 2nd HDD installed

I spilled coffee on my T430.  Rather than upgrading my computer I purchased a stripped down reconditioned T430 planning to move my drives and RAM to the new machine.  The SSD drive boots perfectly without the HDD drive installed.  But once I install the HDD drive it returns a MBR Error on boot.  I’ve set the SSD to be the priority boot drive in the Bios.  If I use the F12 boot option on start up, I can choose the SSD drive and it boots correctly with the HDD drive installed.  There must be another setting which needs to be changed but I can’t find it.  Can anyone help?

720-18asu M.2 SSD

I am purchasing a 720-18ASU and I want to install a SSD.  The unit has an M.2 port but I don’t know what is compatable and I can’t really find any specs out there past someone has installed a Samsung EVO.   Is it possiable to use a NVMe drive or am I limited to a SATA interface?

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