I’ve got an annoying problem with my Lenovo Yoga 700 laptop.

Today plugged in the charger and started working on my laptop (I’m sure I plugged it in correctly) but I kept gettings messages about low battery level. I checked my charger but I can’t really remember if the battery was charging (I suppose not if I was getting those messages).


Then my laptop turned off due to low battery power.  When I tried to turn it on (with plugged in charger) I only saw the low battery indicator flash 3 times and nothing. And I thought that my charger was damaged. But It is not! It is because after some reading I decided to open the laptop and unplug the battery. Once I’ve done that I plugged in the charger and the laptop (without battery) normally turned on!


I turned it off and plugged in the battery and it did not turn on now! Even though the charger was working fine (because a minute before I turned the laptop on without any battery plugged in).


2nd try:

The laptop works completely fine without the battery. Then I’ve tried turning on the laptop and while it was running I plugged in the battery. Immediatelly after plugged in the battery the white power light turned off and the orange light was blinking even indicating low battery level, even though my charger was plugged in.

Windows was showing that I had 1% battery level and it was not charging. Then my laptop after half a minute went dead as though I didn’t have my charger plugged in and my battery went dead.


3rd try: 

I’ve tried a different approach which let me turn on my laptop with battery plugged in and my charger plugged in. I plugged off the charger and the battery. I’ve pushed the power button for 30 seconds. Then I plugged in the battery and the charger and the laptop normally turned on. But as Windows was starting to load the computer immediatelly wen dead! And it happened several times (Yes, I’ve tried it many times).


4th try:

I’ve done some more researching about this problem and I’ve found another way of solving it out. I plugged off the battery and turned on my laptop using my charger. I went to device manager and I uninstalled   the batteries devices I’ve had (Microsoft Adapter and the ACPI battery). Then I’ve done steps from 3rd try. Laptop turned on but when Windows started loading it went off suddenly again (as though the battery was dead even though the charger was plugged in). 

After turning on my computer with battery plugged off I saw that the battery devices were installed again. I uninstalled them again and plugged in my battery again (without those drivers) but after a minute my computer went dead (before that the white light disappeared and the blinking orange light was on)


To sum up:

I really don’t know what is going on. I’ve tried everything but no one seems to have the same problem as me.

I really feel like this is rather problem with software (Windows I mean). Because the battery seems to be working fine but it stopped charging and now everytime I plug in the battery while the laptop is turned on (using the charger) the light suddenly changes to orange like if the charger was suddenly switched off.


Please help me. But don’t tell me to do the same steps as above.


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