Hi guy’s


from yesterday the touchscreen and the touchpad have stopped to working,

i’ve already unistalled and reinstalled all the driver, i’ve noted that under human interface devices i’ve only 6 driver

and the driver "lenovo pen device" and "I2C HID-Device" have a warning yellow triangle, what can be the problem?


Lenovo Ideapad flex 14 motherboard & speaker issue.

I got the motherboard replaced from the service center for Rs.12k which I feel is extortionate. Also they were unable to explain me the real reason the laptop would not power on and its need to replace the motherboard to solve the problem. I am still looking for a rationale on how the laptop was not powering on and remedy being replacement of the entire motherboard, can somebody please help here ?


PS: My charging port and charger are absolutely working fine.


Also now I am facing a new problem, one of the speakers is not working.

I mentioned this to the technician at the service center that they were working fine before I handed it over to them for motherboard replacement, they said we received the laptop in dead condition i.e. laptop could not power on because the battery was dead and was unable to even charge at the time of submission due to the above recited problem (So, I assume all my credibility is lost at this point, and they blatantly refuted that it was due to their fault). Does motherboard replacement could lead to speaker functioning failure in any way ? What should i do next ? Really horrible experience at the official lenovo service center.

YOGA 72013IKB Yellow tint which can be turned off by toggling on and off bluetooth

My  YOGA 72013IKB has now yellow tint when I turn it on. I noticed that when I toggle on and off bluetooth, it goes away. How I can fix this?


I have tried couple things: all drivers are updated, graphics settings are reseted, Windows is udatated. Nothing worked.

X1 Carbon 5th Gen decrypt NVMe with dead motherboard

I have a 5th gen X1 Carbon with NVMe drive. I enabled encryption in BIOS. Now the motherboard is dead. Is it possible to put the NVMe drive in another identical model working X1 Carbon, boot it up with password and get access to the data again? Or does anyone know of a utility/tool to decrypt the the NVMe drive provided I have the password?

TouchPad Scroll Not Working

1. Just got new computer, Ideapad 330-15IGM

2. There is no touch pad scroll, not options for it in touchpad under devices

3. I downloaded the ELAN driver for this make of Lenovo from this website, the recommended fix

4. The driver made my keyboard not work, and still did not enable scrolling


How do I enable scrolling?

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