I am using a Yoga 3 14 for school and the screen has broken. It is still funtional (I am in fact posting this from it). The only problem is the glass infront of the screen has broken, which i believe is only there for the touchscreen (I assume), so i was wandering if there was anyway to replace only the glass instead of the entire screen, as there are no marks on the display, and it functions 100% correctly.

It is not a problem to the performance, although there is concern that leaving it could cause damage to the screen itself aswell.



Ideapad 720S-13ARR (Ryzen 7) – Lots of Trouble

Hello everyone


I got my Ideapad yesterday, and so far, it looks like a quite usful device.

But I also have some troubles.


My Ideapad got a 256GB M.2 SSD in it. A Samsung one. I stoll got a m.2 SSD from my old Laptop. A 512 Samsung EVO 8XX something. It’s about half a year old.

Then I switch the SSD, The Ideapad is not able to recognize the other SSD and when I had a closer look, it seems like the SSD which came with the Ideapad has a slightly different port. Is it really M.2? How comes my EVO is not useable?

Same with the Wifi card. I wanted to switch the wifi card to a more compartible wifi card (the 8821ae has serious troubles with linux like no 5G) but as soon as I put it in there is absolutely no way of using it since the cars is not getting accepted.


After realizing I can’t use linux on this thing, since my SSD is not working and a reinstallation of linux on the 256GB ssd is not very helpful since I don’t get any wifi connection, I realized I can’t make a clean install since the standard windows Installation does need a storage driver. No Storage shows up if I boot a regular "Windows 10 USB install stick" (1803). – But I can’t find a driver on the website.


So in the end I’m getting forced to use the "recovery media" – A bloated Version of Windows 10 with a lot of crap. But I can uninstall it. So I give it a try. After a 3h download I create the recovery usb stick and start the "recovery" – It fails. Showing me a screen saing I shall call my "Deployment Administrator". After a reboot it shows the same screen again and again.


I don’t want to switch to an Intel/nvidia device. And I don’t really want to send it back saying "Sorry dudes, it’s **bleep**ed" – How can I fix this?


BTW – I have a lot of pink glitches under linux using the mesa driver. Any suggestions?

Audio issue In k8 plus

When ever I m recording with camera or any app it producing a vibrating sound which spoiled the whole pure sound experience 

Very slow wifi on yoga 920

Hey guys, while on wifi my speeds are very bad, connecting to a 200 mb network and only getting about 7 mb…

I just installed clean windows(had this problem before too), I have everything updated(drivers, windows and such).

I’d like your help to figure it out 🙂

T470p auto dims display based on background (plugged in)

I noticed recently that when I switch from "Atom IDE Editor" which is nearly completely dark coloured to Firefox Browser which is nearly completely light coloured, that my screen lowers brightness with Atom, but increases it with Firefox and others. I can concluded that my Thinkpad is dimming the display on dark backgrounds and undimms on light backgrounds.


Using Google, I’ve seen that there’s a solution to it with Intel Graphic settings > Power and disabling something there. But this is only available for "On battery" use. This, however, happens when my laptop is plugged in!


Any solutions?

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