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Since Lenovo Vantage (version everything was running fine on Yoga 2 Pro (20266).
But last week I did a clean install with Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (1803) – Build 17133.1 and the ‘WiFi Security’ feature at Lenovo Vantage Toolbar stopped work.


The only change between Windows 10 previous version and now is that I moved from McAfee LifeSafe to Microsoft Defender.
May I count with you to address this new issue?


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T480 Trackpoint is slightly crooked and unbalanced.

I was wondering if there was any way to fix this other than requesting warranty support:


Cores disabled


I have opened incident 180401-002450.

After upgrading to android 7.0 The performance of the phone is terrible.

The apps hang or ar barely work.
I have done a factory reset and the issue is the same with no apps installed.

When I do install performance benchmark apps like "CPU throttling" and "AnTuTu benchmark" I can see
that it only utilizes 4 of the 8 cores which I suspect is the problem.

Attaching screenshot

How do I proceed?




video scheduler internal error

I have a problem with graphic card Nvidia Geforce 960M in my Lenovo Y50-Y70 laptop. I am receiving this type of error – video scheduler internal error immediately when I launch game or when I am on desktop for like 15 minutes + my computer is turning on and off very slowly (and I have windows on 256gb SSD) . I reinstalled windows -did not help because when I installed driver for my card (any version, latest or older) error occured again. When I unistalled driver from my Lenovo and run it on my integrated graphic card, everything works.

So my question is if there is a problem with graphic card, driver or something else and how can I solve it.

Thank you

Photos of 4k anti-glare display? Colors? Whites?

Hi all,


I’m considering a new ThinkPad (my first) and looking at the P52s, 32GB RAM, i7, M.2. But, I’m worried the 4K Anti-glare screen may look dull and lifeless. I want to use this for photo editing, graphic design, thesis writing, and Google Chrome.


Does anybody have any comments on the color accuracy and how white the whites look on this screen compared to others? How about the "pop" of photos? Can anybody provide me with a picture of their screen (I know that’s silly but I just want to make sure)?


I am also considering the Carbon X1 6th gen with the HDR screen, but the 16GB RAM and no dGPU kind of have me worried.


Thanks for any help! 

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