Legion C530 BIOS does not update



I have a Lenovo Legion C530 PC with BIOS v. O3LKT21A installed. I now want to install the latest version O4BKT08A. I donwloaded the file, run as administrator, enter the Y/N options in the comand prompt windows, the PC restarts in BIOS, finishes the update and restarts again in  Windows.


I tried this multiple times and everytime it restarts, when I check the BIOS version in Lenovo Vantage and BIOS, it still says O3LKT21A. It basically does not update, even though it looks like it does correctly.


I am also getting the attached message in comand prompt before starting the update.


Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks!

Z6L Lite/Youth Camera Gcam (Google Camera)

The stock Z6L stock camera does not offer a Portrait mode to control bukeh (background blurr).

There are many versions of Gcam see:



If you find one that works with the Z6L or is skilled enough to get one to work, please post here.


Upgrading integrated processor on ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th gen

After the motherboard on my ancient Dell died, I asked a friend what brands of laptops were easily upgradable (non integrated), as I intended to buy a cheaper model and upgrade components if needed.. He told me to get a lenovo, so I did.  I bough a ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th Gen) while it was on sale 2 weeks ago. What my friend meant to say was, get a T series Lenovo.  Is it possible to upgrade integrated processors (mine has a 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6200U). I use this computer to process and render 4D microscope images, and analyze my data in R and Matlab, and it is extremely slow (I have 8GB of RAM). If it is possible to replace the processor, would an intel i7 or i9 processor even be compatible with my laptop?

pen issues

So I have had the Lenovo c930 for 8months now and it has been a nightmare to draw on. I’m curious to hear about others who use this for art. Does anyone else any problems with the pen? 


Some of my main issues:

The pen just straight up not working….

The delayed response. I have to hover the pen for over 10 seconds in and area before it gets recognized and I can use it… This is a huge pain as everytime i lift up the pen I have to wait before I can continue drawing. In other instances when I try to draw a line its incredibly delayed with the line still being drawn long after I have stopped….

If I hold the pen down in an area for too long it won’t draw and just acts as a click? 

Another problem I have is if my hand so much as touches the screen while drawing with the pen it will switch over to my hand and not the pen… So I have to hold the pen in a strange manner so my hand isn’t resting on the screen. Sometimes this isn’t enough and just being too close to the screen will switch from pen to my hand.

The pen isn’t recognized outside my art programs. Cant use it to open apps or for any other use…

The new touch pad feature of the keyboard would be wonderful except it’s not pressure sensitive and therefor useless for drawing…

 I just have so many issues with this pen… I tried buying two other pens to try and connect with this devide and not a single one would connect…. Is this intentional ? If so at least make a pen thats halfway decent…


Please fix the pen!!

which HDD should I chose instead of Seagate ST2000DM001


One of my Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Seagate 2TB HDD ST2000DM001 has crushed.

since this HDD is not available which model should I buy instead to be compatible as a pair with the existing one?

I cannot find list of compatible disk like this one http://download.lenovo.com/lenovoemc/na/en/app/answers/detail/a_id/31727.html


ST2000VN004 is only 5900 RPM, the ST2000DM001 i s 7200 RPM .

ST2000DM008 is 7200 RPM but it’s from Barcuda series.




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