Hello everybody!

Recently I have been experiencing some troubles with my Y720. I get right-click freeze, freeze when I open chrome, and generally all the programs take longer to load and the laptop has become slower as compared to before. And by ‘before’ I mean before installing the 391.01 nvidia drivers version. So I want to go back to the older version, but I am not really sure whether or not I should uninstall everything from here ( https://imgur.com/a/M6QeO ) and then download the drivers that I need or only certain things need to be uninstalled.

Also, do I manually uninstall/install the drivers that I need? Because some people suggest that traces are always left and that’s why one must always use a program such as Display Driver Uninstaller(DDU) for this purpose.

Thank you all in advance!

W701ds – Ethernet and WiFi not recognized, Win 10 Pro

I got a ThinkPad W701ds (Product Number 25002XU) recenterly and have been trying to get it fully functional. It came to me with Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) installed and activated. I have got almost everything checked out except the network part. Basically, the Ethernet and WiFi hardware are not recognized by the Device Manager, so they are not functional. I have the WiFi card pulled off and tested on another ThinkPad and the card works fine.


For all the network devices in this W701ds, the (phone line) modem and Bluetooth devices do show up in the Device Manager list; just not the Ethernet and WiFi. What do I miss here?


I am using a USB WiFi device for now but like to have the built-in Ethernet and WiFi restored.


Please advise.



Codigo de error WHDG00000-UN7XWH 510-15ISK Laptop (ideapad)

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Yoga 900 trackpad click issues

This has been plaguing my Yoga 900 since I bought it and only gotten worse over time. I don’t have tap to click enabled, so I have to click the trackpad down to do a left click. However, sometimes the click is not registered and other times it registers as two clicks. Is there any software setting to reduce the effects of this, or at least make the double clicks not happen? I tried reducing the double click interval and that hasn’t helped.

Lenovo Thinkcentre, 1962: No operating system found

I’m getting this error any time I try to boot the computer up. It seemingly started out of nowhere. When I go into the BIOS menu, the HDD does not show up. However I can get it to show up by changing SATA settings to AHCI mode and changing back to IDE mode. I have to do this every time the computer is booted up and it takes quite a lot of effort.


I’ve tried new SATA cables and that didn’t help. I cloned the HDD to a new HDD and it has the same issue. Any other ideas that could help fix this problem?

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