Is the T42 able to accept a external drive?

Hello, I have an T42 IBM thinkpad, I was wondering if I would be able to connect a external USB drive to it.

Do any of you know if this would work?


lenovo bios loading too slow after instal win10

HI !

I have a problem with my lenovo g510. I’ve recently intall win 10 and i have a problem with bios load. Before win 10 i’ve used win 7 and every time i wanted to install win 10 i wasn’t able to do it because  i can t format olne the windows partition on windows boot menu so to solve this problem… i format first with win7 and installed it and after that i upgrate to win10. I wanted to solve this so i made  a backup of my data and i’ve formatted all hdd and made new partition and a problem appeaed on bios loading screen(that lenovo splash screen). When i turn on my laptop it says something about a lan cable not connected, and then every power on the lenovo splash screen shows the loading circle like it doeas when you reinstall you re windows. Please can you tell me how to solve this… because  at restartit takes about 1 minute just to get to windows loading screen …

terrible PWM on Y530 1060

Hi all! I have a terrible PWM issue on my new laptop, 60hz screen. The bios update which seems to fix it is not released for laptops with 1060 card. What should I do? Thanks for your help!

T580 Microphone Mute button not working

I recently performed a reinstall of Windows 10, and now my mic mute button is not operating! At first I thought it was maybe just the little light indicator not coming on, but a test proved that wrong.


What could be the cause of this, you think? And how could I possibly fix it?



Lenovo tab 4 8 watermelon wallpaper download link

Couple a days ago, i saw this watermelon wallpaper on a Lenovo tab 4 8. I wanted to download the same wallpaper so I can set it on my Lenovo tab 3 7 essential, but I can’t download it because I can’t find it online. Anyone that can provide a download link to that wallpaper?

If not, thank you anyway.

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