Hi,I have problem recently with my lenovo laptop where my battery is stuck at 95% when charging but it says plugged in and charging. It will forever be at 95% even though is charging and once I unplugged the AC charger,the laptop shuts off by itself. Tried leaving it for a day but I can’t turn it back on without plugging in the charger and it is still at 95%. I’ve tried disabling the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and enabling back again but it will not work. I’ve checked the batter condition through the Lenovo Vatage and it says the battery is in good condition. What should I do as the ideapad battery is built in and I can’t take it out to try different methods.

Thinkpad bluetooth and lase mouse problem


I have thinkpad bluetooth mouse. Device is everythink is ok. I can connect to pc and see the device on my bleutooth device. Install the driver on my pc but when any button click on my mouse green led is blink and connection brokedown. ,

Can u help me mouse is running like right. I can not understand what is problem.

Do it has got hard reset button combination on mouse devices ?


Thank u everyone

Miix 510 miracast issues (slows internet, randomly disconnects wifi, freezes computer)

Pretty self explanatory. I’m experiencing all these problems regularly when screen sharing

-When I’m casting my screen onto my TV, my internet speed slows down to between 50-60mbps from 400, however it frequently drops below 1 or even to 0 for minutes at a time.

-I’m regularly disconnected from my router when screen sharing.

-The programs displayed on the wireless display device freeze out of the blue and only disconnecting the display can solve the problem. (pointer doesn’t freeze!)


Sometimes I can go for days at a time without any problems.


Any ideas?


All my drivers are up to date.

Windows is up to date.

I tried disabling RSC.


[DOA X1 Extreme Gen 2] Ridiculous customer service

Hey Lenovo, I saved up for months to splurge over 2 grand on your laptop but upon arrival it couldn’t power on.

Ok fine, at least I am on warranty right? This has got to be a straightforward swap scenario right?

Oh no, even though the technician and front desk have explicitly concluded that it was a DOA RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX, I am asked to wait indefinitely for a replacement? They call it an escalation. 


Look man, I respect your due process but can you at least differentiate your services a little bit based on the scenario and for X-series premium laptops? Fact is, I diligently submitted the laptop with every plastic intact and consensus that it was DOA on the very first day! Why am I not allowed to be given a direct 1 for 1 swap on the spot? I bought my X1E directly from Lenovo!


I don’t understand the need for a top-down clearance for something so blatantly simple. Lenovo, your customer service needs to have more common sense or at least respond faster with sincerity. We are all reliant on our laptops for serious work and leaving us hanging indefinitely is just going to piss us off.


I absolutely love the Thinkpad lineup but a DOA at this price point is really not acceptable. Much less the half-hearted way the after-sales is handled. Maybe tone down on the marketing and work on your quality control, no wonder Macbooks are becoming so successful.


Again, I mean no offence to anyone. I just needed to shed some light on this.

How to use the top barrel button of pen to draw a fine line

Hi All, Hope you can help,


When I recieved my Yoga laptop, the top barrel button on the pen, when pressed, allowed me to draw a fine line, while hovering over the screen. This was very helpful. 


Then something changed, and now when I use the top barrel button, instead it becomes a Lasso tool, which allows me to manipulate the image.


WHile that’s also nice, I would much rather have the ability to draw fine lines using the barrel button.


I have searched online, I have tried a multitude of different settings in the Lenovo pen tool, but nothing seems to work.


Please could you help me, and tell me the best option to allow the pen to "hover" write with a fine line when the barrel button is pressed.


THank you


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