IdeaPad 520-15IKB screen colors

does anyone have ideapad 520 feel like screen colors have no accuracy like all colors have been washed , it have colors like old laptops from 9-8 years as I have Sony vaio from 4 years and it have better colors than my new Lenovo 520 is that normal that Lenovo use low quality screens in laptops ?

Very useful PC-end android phone assistant tool – Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant

Here  is an interesting software : Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant (LMSA). It’s a PC-end software can be installed on any Windows PC. 

Install LMSA on your PC, and connect your andriod phone with your PC by USB cable. You can manager your phone throuth PC-end software. You  can import photo, misuc, video to you phone. And also export data to PC. Also you can write SMS on PC and send to your mobile contact person. You can backing up your phone, and restore your phone. You can flash your phone when your phone can not booted (lenovo  moto phone only) etc….


LMSA will install an app into your phone, you can check your phone statues by this app. Also do some hardware checking to test your phone working status. 


For more information click here.

To download LMSA click here. 

lenovo k53a48 auto dial problem

Hi can u help me please i am experiencing strange behavior in my lenovo k53a48 wherein the phone auto dials someone in my call log on its own even its lock.

40A2 Ultra Dock

Will the USB 3.0 ports on a Ultra Dock 40A2 run an external monitor?

Lenovo g460 stuck on blackscreen after booting

Help me. I dont know why my laptop getting stuck in blackscreen after booting and logo lenovo. Nothing appear. No cursor or error message. I dont know how to fix it. I’m in windows 10. And cant open the safemode. Help me master.. thx

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